Tesla Giving Test Drives of All Electric Semi-Truck

TCI leasing has pre-ordered 50 Tesla Semi trucks. TCI has tweeted out that they had test drives of the new Semi truck.

Tesla is making improvements to the semi-truck.

Originally Tesla talked about having a 500-mile range for one version of the truck. Elon Musk indicates the longer range version will have about 600-mile range.

Tesla could begin delivering production semi-trucks late in 2019.

Environmentally the Tesla trucks could have more impact than the cars. Each truck produces about 40 times more pollution than a car and electric short range trucks could get a lot of air pollution out of cities.

Daimler is one of the biggest truck makers in the world. Daimler Trucks has been leading some electric truck programs of their own to try to compete with Tesla Semi. Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum is talking about how Tesla will have a tough time with electric trucks.

Tesla has been talking about an industry-leading cost of operation of about $1.26 per mile. Tesla and Elon Musk should not be underestimated by established truck companies.