Tesla Move to Bigger Battery Packs and 2170 Batteries for S and X Cars

Tesla is discontinuing the 75 kWh battery pack versions of the Model S and X cars.

Sean Mitchell makes the case in a video that Tesla has advantages to standardize on the 2170 battery cells

If Tesla moves to 2170 cells for S and X, it should by nature of the battery architecture be able to withstand an upgrade from 120 kW charge rate to something higher.

In late 2018, Elon Musk said Tesla has a new battery (pack) design. It will be lighter, better, cheaper and will be introducing that around the end of 2018. It will volume production in the first quarter of 2019. It will make the cars lighter, better, and cheaper and achieve a higher range.

Sean Mitchell points out that the third version of the Supercharger system could support a charge rate that is twice as fast as the current 120 kW. The charge rate could be 200-250 kilowatts. This higher rate would likely work far better with the new batteries.

Tesla Will Separate the S, X from the High-End Model 3

Tesla will give the base S and X far more range than the High-End Model 3. Tesla could go to 400-500 mile ranges on the Model S and X.

Better Cooling and Energy Density With 2170 Batteries

Standardizing on one battery for Model S, X and 3 would be beneficial for Tesla manufacturing.

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