Two New Airport MegaHubs Will Lower International Airfares in 2019

Instanbul Airport in Turkey and Daxing Airport in Beijing will both open in 2019 to add huge competition for international airport megahubs. The airports are state-supported and will provide airport competition and extra capacity for a combined 160 million passengers. This should lower airfares. More planes and companies will have space and the effect should be lower prices. It is expected that a London to Sydney flight could be as cheap as $350.

The Instanbul Airport should be fully open in March 2019. The Instanbul airport should be able to support 90 million passengers initially and then ramp up to 200 million passengers per year. The airport cost $12 billion and covers 26 square miles. This is more area than all of Manhattan.

China’s Daxing airport is expected to be open on September 30, 2019. It will serve as a major international hub airport in Northern China. With 4 runways, 268 parking bays, and a 700,000 square meter terminal area, the airport is expected to be the world’s largest airport upon completion. The new airport is also expecting a total of 7 runways in the future in order to accommodate 620,000 flights and 100 million passengers each year.

Daxing Airport will cover 47 square kilometers (18 square miles) and will have a 700,000-square-meter (7.5 million-square-foot) terminal.

China will overtake America as the world’s biggest aviation market by 2022 and will go on to hit a total of 1.5 billion passengers by 2036. China had about 620 million air travel passengers in 2018 and should have almost 700 million passengers in 2019. China should have nearly 150 million international air passengers in 2019.