Will the loyalty of Venezuela’s military follow the money?

How will Maduro be able to keep the loyalty of the military when Guaido has all the money? The USA has already started to arrange to give all of its oil purchase money and gold to Venezuela’s new President Guaido. In 8 days, the EU money will start heading to Guaido’s side. All of the surrounding South American countries are against Maduro in Venezuela. Most of Venezuela’s export partners are against Maduro.

Will the loyalty of Venezuela’s military follow the money?

Britain, Germany, France and Spain all said they would recognize Guaido unless fresh elections were announced.

Netherlands has joined the EU ultimatum against Maduro in Venezuela.

On January 4, 2019 the Lima Group — the bloc that includes Canada and more than a dozen Latin American countries — rejected the legitimacy of Maduro’s May 2018 election victory and his looming Jan. 10 inauguration, while recognizing the “legitimately elected” National Assembly.

Combined the USA, EU, Canada and South American countries represent well over 90% of Venezuela’s export countries.

The US would easily be able to blockade Venezuela to prevent them from shipping their heavy oil to Russia, Cuba or China. The EU, North and South American Countries will be able to financially strangle the Maduro regime.

US Secretary of State Pompeo accused Russia and China of “propping up a failed regime in the hopes of recovering billions of dollars in ill-considered investments and assistance made over the years.”

The Trump administration plans to direct the oil and gold transactions into the interim Venezuelan president’s Guaido hands.

Venezuela sells a little less than half of its crude oil to the United States. The largest importers of Venezuelan oil include Citgo, Chevron, PBF Energy and Valero Energy.

Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea — all members of the Security Council — blocked a U.S. push for a statement expressing full support for Venezuela’s National Assembly as the country’s “only democratically elected institution.”

Guaido urged his followers to stage another mass protest next week, while Maduro pushed his call for dialogue.

Maduro also said his government is preparing to face a potential armed conflict with its people before the “coup d’état.” He announced that military exercises will be held from Feb. 10-15 to make Venezuela “unassailable.”

Venezuelan Colonel in the USA who Represents Venezuela Military Broke with Maduro

The Miami Heralds reports that Venezuela’s in the USA are breaking with Maduro despite the risk of reprisals.

The military attaché at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, Col. José Luis Silva, broke with the Nicolás Maduro regime Saturday and urged other armed forces members to recognize Juan Guaidó as the legitimate interim president of the South American nation.

One diplomat at the Venezuelan consulate in Houston contacted Guaidó to report that she would not obey Maduro and would help him.

A high percentage of Venezuela’s diplomats in the US do not agree with Maduro’s usurpation of power, but there’s always fear of what can happen to relatives in Venezuela.

CIA, Cuban Intelligence and Russian Intelligence are Likely Involved

Cuban intelligence and security have long been in Venezuela helping to protect Maduro from a military coup. There are reports that Russia has sent intelligence and contractor support. It would only make sense that the CIA and other operatives from the main European countries are also involved at this point.

Keeping Guaido alive and organizing a split of the Venezuelan military will take the US money and support of covert operations.

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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