16 Longevity Scientists Formed a New Antiaging Advocacy Group

A new antigaging group has been formed to accelerate the development of scientific documented interventions that will promote longer, healthier, more productive and more rewarding lives for all members of humanity.

The Academy for Health and Lifespan Research will host forums to share research findings. They will lobby governments in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere to increase funding and create new paths to approve age-slowing therapies.

In addition to government regulators, the academy’s target audience will be physicians, health insurers who pay for new medicines, as well as the general public.

Sinclair has also co-founded a Boston holding company called Life Biosciences that’s launched seven biotechs developing treatments for age-related conditions like dementia and infertility.

Another founding member of the academy is Lenny Guarente, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and chief scientist at Elysium Health, a startup working to identify naturally occurring compounds that will help people live longer.

Founding members, who have already begun talking to health ministers and drug regulators in several countries, will convene an organizational meeting in Paris this summer. By 2020, they hope to host scientific meetings where they can present research data and even sponsor what Sinclair calls a “Davos-style” conference of world leaders to lay out their vision of boosting economic productivity and reducing medical costs by extending healthy life.

Researchers from the Buck Institute and Stanford are also involved.

Judith Campisi has signed on. She is one of the pioneers with the treatment of senescent cells.

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  1. These look like 2 chinese names, 2 japanese names, 2 polish names, and 3 american names. I may be off a bit on their origins, but it’s quite a diverse team. Mostly males though.

  2. Taniguchi and Watanabe are not Chinese names. Chen and Zhang are, but Mainland Chinese? And that’s two names out of nine.

  3. Where does he demonize Chinese?

    Or are you saying that research done in the US by people with Chinese names (they could be US citizens for all you know) suddenly means it was really done in China?

    I think your attempt to paint Warren as a racist with your illogical statement exposes the truth of what you are doing, wu mau.

  4. Hmm. Look at that ‘Western’ innovation…

    Matthew Yankowitz1,*, Shaowen Chen1,2,*, Hryhoriy Polshyn3,*, Yuxuan Zhang3, K. Watanabe4, T. Taniguchi4, David Graf5, Andrea F. Young3,†, Cory R. Dean1,†

    Of course, that’s never stopped racists like from demonizing the Chinese.

  5. Cool science… but 3 Kelvin is not precisely the most practical temperature of operation.

    Seems there still is a long road ahead for graphene based superconductors.

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