Aubrey de Grey Thinks Robust Human Longevity Might Be Here by 2037

Aubrey de Grey is getting more bullish about his timeframes for robust human rejuvenation and longevity escape velocity. He now thinks it is only 18 years away and not 25 years anymore.

There is fastly progressing science and there is a rapid increase in funding and formation of companies. Areas that were making slow progress like Mitosens are now rapidly progressing. Cross-linking is making progress as well.

Robust mouse rejuvenation could be only 3 years away instead of five years. Robust mouse rejuvenation could be by 2022.

Aubrey is more optimistic that partial SENS will be able to deliver significant life extension impact.

Aubrey sees a lot of activity in all seven areas of aging damage identified by SENS.

It seems that the removal of senescent cells will deliver useful health benefits and some longevity.

Aubrey indicates that SENS has a fantastic relationship with the Buck Institute. SENS has multiple projects.

Aubrey is working at AgeX as a Vice-president. Previously Aubrey had believed that there was not much need for SENS to fund stem cell research. Aubrey always considered stem cells to be important. Michael West is doing some of the most important work on stem cells.

AgeX is now a public company. AgeX has the intellectual property of Michael West’s prior work.

There are two main areas of AgeX work.
1. Purestem. It creates highly pure populations of particular types of stem cells. You need to not use pluripotent stem cells inside the body. You need to slightly differentiate the stem cells but make them oligopotent. They can become a particular type of stem cell. AgeX technology can produce this reliably and with high purity.

2. iTr. AgeX is working on induced tissue regeneration (or rejuvenation). AgeX has identified genes to make them regenerative but do not make them pluripotent.

Antiaging in Aging

Singapore has the Center for Healthy Longevity. It is run by someone who was at the Buck Institute. Aubrey thinks Singapore will be major center for getting longevity research moving in Asia. Currently, many Asian countries are still not fully bought into antiaging research.

Analyzing the Global Impact if Aubrey is Correct

Nextbigfuture has analyzed the global impact if Aubrey is correct in his prediction of real robust human rejuvenation around 2037. It will be like 100 times the effect of HIV drugs in terms of the numbers of people and global economic benefit. The countries with the most senior citizens will see the biggest benefits.

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Written By Brian Wang. Nextbigfuture