Billionaire Antiaging Investor Jim Mellon Predicts We Will Live to 115-150 Years

Jim Mellon is a billionaire investor in antiaging companies. Jim has made several investments in antiaging companies and as one of the leading investors in the field gets pitched almost all of the antiaging companies. Jim thus has a unique perspective on what the latest developments are with anti-aging technology. Jim predicts that average life expectancy will be 115 years by 2050 while today it is about 80 years. Gene therapy will extend that to 150 years. He predicts there will be significant new developments in the next few years alone. Jim predicts that in ten to fifteen years cancer will mostly become a manageable chronic condition in the cases where it is not completely cured.

Jim predicts there will be a large improvement in overall public health from a wave of new biotech treatments and drugs within the next five years.

There will also be a larger improvement in health from gene editing, stem cells and full tissue regeneration, organ transplantation from animals into humans.

The past six years has seen the emergence of the cure for hepatitis C, cancer immunotherapy, curing leukemia, and CRISPR CAS9 gene editing.

Jim Mellon spoke at the antiaging conference Raadfest 2018.

Jim pointed out that the current global market for anti-aging products is about $140 billion but nothing actually works in terms of extending lifespan. He predicts that there will soon be effective life-extending products and treatments. This will cause the biggest stock market mania in history.

Juvenescence (aka antiaging) will become the biggest industry on the planet.

Jim and his partner Al Chalabi wrote a book called Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity.

Jim has a positive view of metformin and vitamin B12, rapamycin, NAD+ restoration (through nicotinamide riboside and other similar NAD+ precursors) and the senolytic combo of dasatinib and quercetin.

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Written by Brian Wang.