Elon Musk Expects At Least 20 to 30 Launches from Each Falcon 9 Block 5

Elon Musk expects at least 20 or 30 missions from each Falcon 9 block 5 booster rockets. Currently, the booster rockets have been reused 3 times with some recovered for their fourth launch.

Thirty reuses of a first stage Falcon 9 block 5 could reduce the cost of the booster from $30 million to $1 million plus maintenance, recover and operational costs. The total Falcon 9 rocket also has an $8 million second stage and $6 million payload fairing. Payload fairings have been recovered but have not been reused yet. A Falcon 9 with 30 reuse first stage and ten reuse fairings would get close to $10 million in cost.

Other SpaceX Updates

A Crew Dragon supersonic abort test will likely destroy the rocket that launches it.

SpaceX has started building a new Starhopper nose cone. The previous nose cone was badly damaged when blown over in high winds.

SOURCES- Elon Musk, Twitter, SpaceX, Charlie Burgess renderings of the SpaceX Super Heavy Starship, Youtube Spadre.com

Written by Brian Wang.