Finance Blockchain Market Could Still Be Big But Scams Must Be Isolated

The value of finance blockchain market reached $1.9 billion in 2017 but IHS Markit forecasts growth of 230 times over 13 years to reach $462 billion in 2030.

The financial industry is using blockchain for cross-border payments, share trading and syndicated lending. It is believed that the global financial market will expand the role of blockchain for insurance and new fintech applications.

The IHS Markit forecast is ignoring the current difficulties in the cryptocurrency and blockchain areas.

Decentralized Finance and Shorting Cryptocurrencies

A recent Dharma blog article shows the state of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market by detailing how to short Ethereum.

Dharma is a permissionless, generic protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt agreements as tradeable cryptographic tokens. They came out of YCombinator. They are second in the decentralized finance market.

The most popular ways to shorting Ethereum based assets are Dharma Lever, dY/dX, and Compound.

Proposing to Separate Investments and Real Business Value from Scams

Jill Carson discussed creating different categories and terms for crypto in order to separate investments from scams.

Josh Harvey discussing getting alignment with terms and expectations.

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Written By Brian Wang