India and Pakistan On the Verge of Another War

India and Pakistan are using airstrikes against each other and both also shot down each other’s fighter jets on Wednesday. Pakistan captured an Indian pilot. These are the first air strikes they have exchanged since 1971.

Pakistan and Indian ground forces have exchanged fire in more than a dozen locations.

A suicide car bombing on February 14, by Pakistan-based militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary police has triggered recent fighting and tension.

Yesterday, India launched an air strike on what it said was a militant training base. A senior Indian government source said that 300 militants were killed in Tuesday’s strike. Pakistan says no one was killed.

Counting the 40 paramilitary casualties and assuming 300 militant casualties and if there were 100 casualties from the dozen ground force fighting then this would already be about 20-25% of the deaths in the last war in 1999.

India will have Parliamentary elections in May. India’s Prime Minister Modi will not be able to look weak in his response to Pakistan.

There is no possibility of a real military victory by either side. India does not want to take over Pakistan and Pakistan does not want to take over India. Most of Pakistan and India might even be happy to wall off the entire border areas and let the tribes and groups fight it out. However, they do not want the other side to successfully claim any territory.

The fighting could last through the elections in May.

The Last Full War in 1999

The 1999 Kargil War was a three-month war between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. Each side lost in the range of 1000 casualties. Pakistan had infiltrated and occupied Indian territory. India mobilized 200,000 troops but mainly used 20,000 to push out the 5000 Pakistan forces.

Following the outbreak of armed fighting, Pakistan sought American help in de-escalating the conflict. Bruce Riedel, who was then an aide to President Bill Clinton, reported that US intelligence had imaged Pakistani movements of nuclear weapons to forward deployments for fear of the Kargil hostilities escalating into a wider conflict. However, President Clinton refused to intervene until Pakistan had removed all forces from the Indian side of the Line of Control,

Following the Washington accord of 4 July 1999, Pakistani troops withdrew. The United Jihad Council (an umbrella for extremist groups) rejected Pakistan’s plan and chose to continue fighting.

There has been fighting in Kashmir and Punjab for the past thirty years.

There are wide variances in the casualty estimates. Wikipedia has casualty estimates are 20,000 to 100,000. The casualty estimates do not include Pakistan terrorists killing citizens of Pakistan.

In a video below Abhijit Iyer indicates that 45,000-65,000 Indian civilians were killed and 17,000 military and police. Abhijit indicates 55,000 Pakistani died from 2008 to 2018 from internal terrorism.

Wikipedia indicates over 20,000 Pakistani militants have been killed by India.

Indo-Pakistan War 1971

The 1971 Indo-Pakistan war was on the eastern side of India and involved what would become Bangladesh.

675,000 India forces fought 365,000 Pakistan forces.
2500-3900 Indian casualties and 9000 Pakistan deaths.
45-130 aircraft lost on India side and 45-90 aircraft lost by Pakistan.

India had a decisive military victory and had captured over 90,000 Pakistan soldiers. The war lasted only 13 days. The war was at the same time as the end of the Bangladesh war for independence. Bangladesh fought for independence from Pakistan from March to December 1971.

India and Pakistan Each Have about 100-200 Nuclear Weapons

Most estimates are that India and Pakistan each have about 120 to 180 nuclear weapons. India’s conventional forces are about twice as large as Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have had four major wars in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999. They also have had many border skirmishes and incidents.

India believes that they can defeat Pakistan in a war even if Pakistan uses nuclear weapons. India’s plan would be to use have armored divisions surround Pakistan forces and cities. They would Stalin’s tactic of “hugging the enemy”. This would mean any use of nuclear weapons against India’s military would cause Pakistan to have losses as well.

India vs Pakistan Miltary

India has 1.36 million active soldiers and 2.8 million in reserve.
India has about 4500 to 6000 tanks
India has 590 fighter jets and 804 attack aircraft.

Pakistan has 637,000 active soldiers and 288,000 in reserve.
Pakistan has 2180 tanks.
Pakistan has 320 fighter jets and 410 attack aircraft.

SOURCES – Reuters, Abhijit Iyer Youtube, wikipedia

Written By Brian Wang

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  3. Without fruit pickers like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella and Ajit Pai, the cores would be rotting in the data centers, for certain.

  4. They were until the Democrats decided they prefer a nuclear North Korea over Trump looking good.

    So they sabotaged the talks with their Cohen BS.

  5. I’m saying that the chances of it getting blown up to a major war are small, but not zero.

    And the chances of it going nuclear are smaller still. Every Pakistani general and Indian Air Marshal knows that they are working a complex problem with multiple angles, but a single 1kT tactical nuke and the problem suddenly gets exponentially worse with everyone from the USA to the Chinese suddenly stepping in.

  6. It’s not completely unheard of for that to result in the uncontrolled militant faction to end up taking the brunt of the damage while not getting any backup because both sides know who’s to blame.
    I seem to remember that this happened in much the same location 150 years ago. According to a vaguely recalled fictionalized account I once read: The Sihk kingdom found it no longer controlled the Sihk army, and had no way to fight them and stop the existing monarchy being destroyed. EXCEPT there was one power that could take on the Sihk army. The British.
    So (the story goes) they let the military pick a fight with the redcoats, and then let then get destroyed with no backup or leadership. The monarchy was now subordinated to the British crown, but kept their local position. At least for another generation or two.

  7. India hasn’t “taken over” US information infrastructure any more than Mexico has taken over America’s fruit-picking infrastructure. These are private entities vying for bottom-dollar business, not arms of a state-owned enterprise. By contrast, the US seems to own infrastructure of various other countries in entirety. Some jobs can’t be brought back without further cost implications.

  8. Given that India has taken over the US information infrastructure since 1999, conflicts like the current one can have consequences that are vastly more far-reaching than that conflict.

  9. So you’re saying nothing then, you adamantly believe there will be no escalation but you do believe there are chances it could go nuclear lol.

  10. Yeah, Wold Wars 1 & 2 did happen. But dozens of wars didn’t happen. WW3 didn’t happen despite multiple possible triggers.

    Saner heads do often, I’d say usually, prevail.

    But not always.

  11. To be clear: I still follow my general rule of “things are usually less dramatic than they could be”

    Given even odds I’d bet that this will calm down without affecting more than a few unlucky people in the immediate vicinity. But I wouldn’t say that there is no chance of things arcing up.

  12. More than one war started “just to make a point”. One side needs to make a point. The other side just needs to show it can’t be pushed around. The first side needs to have the last word …

  13. Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21: The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 serves as an Interceptor aircraft in the IAF. The IAF have phased out most of its MiG-21s and plans to keep only 125 that have been upgraded to MiG-21 Bison standard.[163] These aircraft will be phased out between 2014 and 2019.

    Looks like the Paks just phased one out for them.

    HAL Tejas: The MiG-21s are planned to be replaced by the indigenously built HAL Tejas.[157][158] The first Tejas IAF unit, No. 45 Squadron IAF Flying Daggers was formed on 1 July 2016 with two aircraft. Initially being stationed at Bangalore, the first squadron will be placed at its home base at Sulur, Tamil Nadu.[159] The Tejas will comprise 40 aircraft of the MK1 variant and 83 of the MK1A variant. The latter will have an AESA radar, improved EW fit and internal changes for ease of maintenance.

    So they are replacing the MiG-21s with local crap originally designed in the 1980s?

  14. Can’t believe they’re sending in Mig21 against F16. That’s your go to platform? A 1950 vintage Russian jet? Thing is like a dart.

  15. Yep, the german generals before WW1 thought they could just win a little bit then make peace after taking a bite out of their neighbors.

    Same thing happened in WW2

  16. Generally true but a minor caveat in this case: Pakistan doesn’t fully control some of its militant factions many of which want war. Said factions could force the matter by forcing larger and larger retaliations from India.

  17. Even if the part of Kurdistan that is claimed by Turkey was left out, the british split what was left between Syria, and Iraq. If not for that, the Kurds might have wrested the rest from Turkey. Had the british supplied weapons to the Kurds, it would have happened.

  18. Nations go to war because they think they can win. In this case, both nations will be staring at quagmire and stalemate. Does not sound appealing.

  19. They are too smart for going to another war. Indian just wanted to make a point and hit some terrorist targets in Pakistan. It is over.

  20. Pakistan violated the Geneva Conventions when they distributed that video of the Indian pilot, btw.

    And the 1999 conflict ALMOST went nuclear. The US stepped in and slapped them both down. It is unlikely the US could do the same today as Pakistan is now China’s byotch more than the US’ and India is definitely more powerful and has a way more developed military.

    This is awesome! Trump is in Vietnam calming down one, long term nuclear issue with North Korea, India and Pakistan are about to go to war and the Democrats in Congress are….what? trying to bash Trump with the non-testimony of some shyster lawyer who was convicted of lying to said Congress? Glad that the Libtards sure have their priorities straight!

  21. Let’s all thank the British for the way they left things when they folded their foreign colonies. There was an obvious solution to the partition of India, that would have resulted in a much less bellicose situation, as well as supported the group that was instrumental in their administration of british India. The Sikhs have been calming tensions between Muslims, and Hindus for hundreds of years, let them do their thing.
    They should have created Sikhistan, out of the border states of what is now Pakistan, and India, centered around the Punjab. I suspect the solution they chose was intended to leave a mess of things, so at least some would say things were better with the british in charge. I suspect this is the same reason their is no Kurdistan, where the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Turkey meet.

  22. Surprised this isn’t getting more attention in the tech world, considering the amount of offshoring done to India.

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