New Lockheed F-21 Fighter Jet Joins India’s Perpetual Negotiations

Lockheed has offered India a new F-21 fighter jet.

The F-21 will have some parts and technology from the F-35 and the F-22 stealth fighter.

The F-21 seems to be a modified version of the F-16.

The F-21 will have new AESA (anti-stealth) radar and cockpit electronics that similar to the F-35 cockpit.

There are now seven planes in the running for a possible $15-20 billion order of 110 jets.

Gripen E
F-21/F-16 Block 70

India has been exploring for about a decade deals to buy the French Rafale fighters and setting up a joint stealth fighter project with Russia.

In January 2012, Dassault’s Rafale was announced as India’s combat aircraft of choice. There were negotiations for two years over a possible 126 Rafale jets. In 2015, thirty-six Rafale jets were declared to be purchased. However, the Rafale jets have not been delivered.

India considered buying Lockheed F-16s before choosing but not buying the Rafale.

The F-21 could be India’s pathway to the stealth F-35 fighter.

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Written By Brian Wang.