New SpaceX Starhopper Nose Cone Should Be Complete in a Few Days

SpaceX is building a replacement Starhopper nosecone. Fast progress is being made and the new nosecone should be complete in a few days.

The previous nose cone was blown over and damaged in 50 mph winds.

Pictures of The Old SpaceX Starhopper Nose Cone

SOURCES- Twitter, RGV Aerial Photos, SpaceX

Written By Brian Wang

6 thoughts on “New SpaceX Starhopper Nose Cone Should Be Complete in a Few Days”

  1. Well that’s obvious. It will not carry cargo, people or even fuel.
    Just needs to complete the rocket structure and represent the weight
    of the actual nose.

  2. Musk does not strike me as the sort of guy who would, at this point, expend that much effort on something that was just for looks. He’d much rather get the test done. Sure, if he can do a test and PR at the same time cheap, he will, like launching that Tesla into an interplanetary orbit, instead of a block of concrete.

    But he’s not going to slow a critical program for that.

    The hop test is as much a matter of tuning stability algorithms as it is engine testing. For this purpose, he’s going to need something approaching a realistic angular inertia. He’s trying to simulate the booster coming down with most of its fuel load expended, that requires a particular length and mass distribution. I expect he’ll get that by putting a significant weight right at the top of this nose cone.

    The PR aspect is that it’s a tapered nose, instead of just a continuation of the cylinder, to look sporty.

  3. Not like it’s going to be going anywhere very quickly, is it. I mean, if it’s just a grasshopper mk3 test with raptor engines, it’s gonna go up a bit, hover for a while, then come down again.

  4. I think they are just putting the nose cone on for looks not for function….its obvious that inside the top part its just a hollow tin can without any structural supports…. the only thing in the rocket are the tanks and engines below the nose cone.

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