OneWeb Launched Six Satellites Today as Part of a 600 Mega-constellation

Oneweb has launched six satellites that will be part of 600 global satellite network.

OneWeb will launch into a 450-500km altitude, which is above the International Space Station. From there, our satellites will climb to an operational orbit of 1,200km.

How will OneWeb operate alongside proposed constellations which seek to operate in the same altitude?

OneWeb has demonstrated its willingness to reach agreements with other operators to ensure orbital safety. We think that constellations of more than 100 satellites should be separated by a minimum of 125km between the center of their orbits. This is necessary to safely and sustainably manage large constellations.

OneWeb will be mostly using Soyuz 2 launches of 36 satellites at a time with one launch per month. There will also be some Ariane launches.

SOURCES- Youtube, Twitter, Oneweb