Rivian Will Make Electric Amazon Delivery Trucks

Amazon has led a $700 million investment in electric truck and electric SUV company, Rivian. Amazon and Rivian will develop Amazon delivery vehicles and build out its logistics network. General Motors might also invest in Rivian.

Rivian’s CEO R.J. Scaringe told Greentechmedia that they will have a 400-mile range truck with 185 kwh of cattery capacity that is priced below $90,000.

Rivian like Tesla has a skateboard base for all of their vehicles. The skateboard has the batteries, wheels and other electronics. All Rivian vehicles are built on this common architecture. The R1S and R1T each are built on common skateboard base. There will be other vehicles which have not been revealed which will also use the same skateboard.

SOURCES- Greentechmedia

Written By Brian Wang