Trade Deal, Venezuela and Other News Updates

1. On the Venezuela-Colombia border, thirteen or more members of the Venezuelan security forces defected on Saturday.

A military outpost near the Venezuela-Brazil border has been taken over by a militia loyal to President Maduro, according to VPI TV.

There are competing but separate rallies of Maduro and Guido supporters.

There has been violence and clashes at the border where Maduro forces are trying to stop aid from being brought into Venezuela. Some aid appears to be getting into Venezuela.

There are four dead and twenty injured in the border aid skirmishes.

2. China has said they will buy $1.2 trillion in U.S. goods as part of a trade deal. The issue of China forcing the transfer of intellectual property still needs to be resolved. The final meeting between Trump and Xi is expected to occur in March. The deadline for any further trade penalties will be deferred.

3. There appears to be continuing positive developments toward another summit with North Korea and possible progress towards denuclearization and a peace deal.

SOURCES- Reuters, Guido twitter, BBC , CNBC

Written By Brian Wang

24 thoughts on “Trade Deal, Venezuela and Other News Updates”

  1. I am so sorry that stuff like that happens to you. But in the case of IP the American Companies are free to turn around and walk away.

  2. Nice try. But you are using a bogus analogy. For one thing, you are confusing right to buy with right to sell. Another….

    I go to a nearby merchant stall to sell my wares. There are plenty of buyers who are interested. So the trades would be mutually satisfactory. But some local gang blocks my way and says, “You have to suck our dicks to get in”.

    THAT is what is going on with China.

    Like I said, the US should outright ban all trade with such countries. That will put a stop to it.

  3. So, I go to the nearby shop to buy a six pack of beer. The shop owner forced me to pay money for the beer. That sucked.

    Stop being greedy. Don’t give away the golden goose for a few golden eggs. That’s just stupid.

  4. They say if you want to sell here you share your IP

    That’s forcing. Chinese are exacting a toll. Like a tax. Personally, I think the US should simply ban US corps from selling to those countries as the correct response. Then there would be no ‘China Lobby’ and we could go to war with them.

  5. 3. There appears to be continuing positive developments toward another summit with North Korea and possible progress towards denuclearization and a peace deal.

    Yes, That is why the Democrats have mande their latest attempt at Skank BS smearing on Trump right after he got on the plane for Vietnam. There is talk of Trump getting the Nobel Peace Prize if he pulls this off…and the Dems can not tolerate that happening, see?

    Nevermind the very serious KKK infiltration problem the Dems have with the Virginia executive branch. Media clamps down on mentioning that, doesn’t exist, right? Wrong. Yet they have such TDS they go after Trump because he might get a Nobel.


  6. If people are shaving ICs then nothing is going to stop them short of never selling your product to someone who would not maintain a secure chain of custody.

    Good luck making money with only a few hundred customers.

  7. The Chinese success will be their undoing. As their labor cost rise countries with lower labor cost will eat into their manufacturing business.

    I think that for China to be a top class economy it will have to gives its people more freedom. And I don’t see that happening. My big fear is one day the Chinese people press for more freedom and China closes its border as a response.

  8. They steal some but exporting stuff that contains stolen IP is risky since those items can be banned. Much easy to ask for the IP as a pre-condition to getting access to their market.

  9. “Ideas are not scarce…”, that’s a great example of telling a lie with the truth. Good ideas, often derived through extensive capital investment ARE SCARCE! That is why they have value and that is why China demands them as the onerous price of admission into their market place.

  10. Between this and their BS monetary policy trade between our countries have been “unfair” for years; from the same perspective China doesn’t have to remove these inequitable policies but we can make it very unpleasant to do business with our citizens (turn about is fair play?). My perspective is that China should realize they have had a good run (20+ years) of pulling themselves up from poverty but no more slack, no more freebies of IP or one-way trade polices.

  11. There is also stealing of IP going on. Reverse engineering of products that we outsource the manufacturing (you can shave the top off of ICs, visually see the Flash memory and then try to reconstruct the source code). Serves us right though, for outsourcing everything.

  12. Hi Doc, one of my hopes is that tech breakthroughs are going to make  this kind of thing meaningless.  If we can get to the point where power is cheap enough and readily available, folks are going to be too busy having a good time to join up with para-military groups–unless they just need a hobby.  : – )

  13. I’m not saying I believe this story.

    I would, if pressed, put my dollar on the side of it just being an emergent phenomenon based on the internet allowing extremists to form groups that encourage each other, combined with the worst of the 1930s and 40s reaching the point where it’s starting to drop out of living memory and into mythology.

    But it would explain a lot…

  14. When someone starts sliding down the slope of blaming everything on an international Jewish conspiracy there really isn’t much point in pointing out facts and data. They are at the point where a wikipedia article would be considered fake anyway, so it isn’t going to help.

    As someone recently pointed out, the current rash of people going full strength unapologetic nazi/stalinist/white-supremicist/black-supremicist/human-extinction/male-extinction/etc is so bizarre that THERE is your conspiracy theory.

    The Story: Someone (CIA? Opus Dei? Google? Mossad? Name your favorite) is starting and backing these insane groups as a way to neutralize all the true extremists in society. If someone is crazy enough to actually go around praising Stalin or wearing a swastika then they are crazy enough to do real damage… but not if they are saying something obviously nuts enough to keep their groups down to a few hundred people at most. The sheer lunacy of true Hitler, Mao or Che worship means that most people will stay away, even if they share common aims. So these people will just spin their wheels and spend their days writing screeds on the internet. They might actually do something nuts, blow up a synagogue or a bank, kill a cop… but nothing that moves the stock market or raises the price of fuel or changes the course of Moore’s law. Nothing IMPORTANT. Indeed their crazy thrashing around just turns public opinion further against them.

    I’m not saying I believe this story.

  15. I love how the Sinophiles in these comments gnash their teeth at the thought of the United States forcing China to play ball with it. God bless Trump for taking a hard line with them, Obama and Bush should have done the same.

  16. And also, just as in the USA (and every other country) the government is a major purchaser of goods and services.

  17. It’s been decades since the Rothschilds have been the biggest bankers.
    From the Wikipedia article on the Rothschild family.
     “Of more recent years, non-Jewish financiers have learned the same cosmopolitan method, and, on the whole, the control is now rather less than more in Jewish hands than formerly.”

  18. The international bankers *really* want a private fractional reserve bank there so they can dump currency all over them and take their resources.

    Iran and Venezuela are the top two enemies of the bankers now, two of the last countries that don’t have a giant ROTHSCHILD OWNED sign in front.

    Oh and intellectual property is the biggest corporate fascist tool in human history. Ideas are not scarce, therefore owning them is a pure monopoly, a 100% breakage of capitalism and therefore is not capitalism, it is corporate state fascism, run by the banking pyschopaths.

    For those that have been on the imperialistic free lunch their entire lives, they can’t even see beyond murdering others for profit. That’s just like breathing to them.

  19. The Chinese don’t force American companies to part with their IP. They say if you want to sell here you share your IP and the American companies because they are greedy give them want they ask for.

  20. A large portion of the Chinese companies are still government owned. The Chinese can control how much they import by controlling tariffs. They can lower the tariffs until they reach their target.

  21. Nothing says market economics like one state forcing another to buy inferior overpriced crap from their subsidized companies run by cronies of state officials because they can’t compete on an even field of play. And then they call this farce “capitalism” and talk about how great “freedom” is. Here’s the thing Orange Man doesn’t understand: $1.2 trillion doesn’t fix the problem. That problem is the US economic system is broken and can’t compete globally. Stop subsidizing your shitty companies and stop appointing shitty people to run them because of who they know. That’s how to become competitive. Your companies are run by the lesser sons of greater fathers. Getting mad at foreigners and using force to make them pay is not an intelligent response, its white rage, same as it was 500 years ago when starving colonists would raid Indian villages for no reason other than how dare those foreigners succeed when I’m failing.

  22. “China has said they will buy $1.2 trillion”

    I always assumed it was the private sector that bought American goods and not the Chinese govt. Will china’s govt buy these goods and consume it or resell it locally and for a profit or at cost?

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