The Latest Antiaging Treatments Being Used by Early Adopters

Bill Faloon is the co-founder of the Life Extension nutritional supplement company and founder of the Church of Perpetual Life in Hollywood, Florida.

Bill was at the Raadfest 2018, which is an antiaging conference which had an attendance of about 1000 people. Bill is like others who attend Raadfest who want to take any antiaging treatment which has some scientific evidence of effectiveness. There is the possibility that latest antiaging treatments could work and the early adopters might be able to improve their health and life 0 to 20 years longer.

There are risks and costs with this approach. On the other hand, $140 billion per year is spent on cosmetics, vitamins and other treatments which have no evidence of life extending properties. Vitamins tend to have a lot of scientific evidence of ineffectiveness.

Bill Faloon is 64 years old. Current life expectancy would be another 20 years without any effective treatments.

Bill personally takes about 100 pills per day with the objective of extending his own life.

Bill is on a calorie restricted diet with intermittent fasting and is taking Metformin.

He also takes hormones and DHEA hormones. He has NAD+ infusions and is taking the Dasatinib-Quercetin drugs to remove senescent cells.

There is research that combining Dasatinib, a chemotherapy drug, with Quercetin, a plant flavonol can extend life. Taken together in clinical trials, the drug cocktail was shown to extend the life of lab mice by 36 percent.

The Dasatinib-Quercetin treatment was new for 2018. Bill and his team worked out what they believe is the correct twice a year dosage based on your weight. The dosage levels are shown below. Bill indicated that others who want to agressively adopt the latest anti-aging treatment can pay about $200 for a compounding pharmacy to provide the Dasatinib. A doctor’s prescription is needed.

SOURCES- Raadfest 2018, Youtube, Bill Faloon.

Written By Brian Wang

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