The Latest Antiaging Treatments Being Used by Early Adopters

Bill Faloon is the co-founder of the Life Extension nutritional supplement company and founder of the Church of Perpetual Life in Hollywood, Florida.

Bill was at the Raadfest 2018, which is an antiaging conference which had an attendance of about 1000 people. Bill is like others who attend Raadfest who want to take any antiaging treatment which has some scientific evidence of effectiveness. There is the possibility that latest antiaging treatments could work and the early adopters might be able to improve their health and life 0 to 20 years longer.

There are risks and costs with this approach. On the other hand, $140 billion per year is spent on cosmetics, vitamins and other treatments which have no evidence of life extending properties. Vitamins tend to have a lot of scientific evidence of ineffectiveness.

Bill Faloon is 64 years old. Current life expectancy would be another 20 years without any effective treatments.

Bill personally takes about 100 pills per day with the objective of extending his own life.

Bill is on a calorie restricted diet with intermittent fasting and is taking Metformin.

He also takes hormones and DHEA hormones. He has NAD+ infusions and is taking the Dasatinib-Quercetin drugs to remove senescent cells.

There is research that combining Dasatinib, a chemotherapy drug, with Quercetin, a plant flavonol can extend life. Taken together in clinical trials, the drug cocktail was shown to extend the life of lab mice by 36 percent.

The Dasatinib-Quercetin treatment was new for 2018. Bill and his team worked out what they believe is the correct twice a year dosage based on your weight. The dosage levels are shown below. Bill indicated that others who want to agressively adopt the latest anti-aging treatment can pay about $200 for a compounding pharmacy to provide the Dasatinib. A doctor’s prescription is needed.

SOURCES- Raadfest 2018, Youtube, Bill Faloon.

Written By Brian Wang

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  1. While all this is great, the small insert at the bottom about crisper and pluripotent stem cells is the real answer to reverse ageing, The others are just bandaids even if they work.
    As far as progress, many biohackers the world over are experimenting on themselves with gene editing. The gene editing kit can be bought online relatively cheaply and they are supposedly easy to use and experiment with.
    I have seen no examples of people using the kits to successfully improve themselves yet but it would be illegal so discretion is in effect. If someone actually stumbled on somthing groundbreaking they would speak out because of the fame and money to be made.

  2. The practice you describe is not walking barefoot on bare earth. Maybe you were training and in good shape and you didn’t get benefits from the earth this way.

  3. Fisetin appears to be about as effective as Dasatinib + quercetin, as a senolytic — and it’s just a flavonoid; very safe. Dasatinib is icky, and I certainly wouldn’t take it without being monitored by a physician.

    Also, you don’t need calorie restriction and/or intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet *and* metformin, I wouldn’t think. I would probably take metformin or berberine when off my diet.

    Between senolytic-ized doses of D+Q, if I we’re going that route, I would probably still take quercetin or apigenin or such, as they are CD38 inhibitors — CD38 is a NAD(+)ase. Inhibiting CD38 raises NAD+ levels, and those related flavonoids are also broadly useful, being antiinflammatories, antifibrotic, etc.

  4. Right with you Ronald. My goal is to look like Stephen Lang in the movie Avatar when I’m the age that he was there (63) but with less scars and a more pleasant disposition. I’m on target.

    Counted this morning and and it was 33 pills per day, but they have been very carefully vetted over a couple of decades and only come from sources I have reason to trust.

    Get to the gym for 45 minutes, 5 times per week, take the stairs whenever it’s an option, don’t smoke, keep the drinking down to about four to five drinks a week (difficult when you like to brew your own beer), get 7 hours sleep each night, don’t be afraid to go to the doctor if you suspect you might need to (and for regular checkups), cook your own food from raw, healthy ingredients, and when you start creeping above your target weight, begin fasting every other day until it is back where it should be.

    Some people say use a sauna but I hate them, if my hot tub isn’t good enough, then the heck with it.

    And disobey all of these rules (except for smoking) once in a while (but only once in a while).

  5. I was into barefoot running for a few years.
    The theory at the time was that running barefoot would result in improved running technique.

    After 4 years I never had any tearing my toenails and would get cut only about once every 6 months or so.

    On the other hand I didn’t naturally become thin. I didn’t develop any good running technique. I DID get thrown out of a couple of places for being barefoot. And I judged the whole barefoot thing, and running in general, as being a waste of effort.

    On the gripping hand I still do weight lifting barefoot.

  6. Good question, difficult answer;
    I am 56, feel great, am very healthy, hardly ever sick, very good shape.
    But then…
    I generally eat healthy (and moderately), don’t smoke, exercise regularly; and seem to have good genes: my maternal grandparents lived to 96 and 98 in good health.
    So, what is the result of what?
    Scientific approach requires very comprehensive testing.
    In the meantime I do my own little things I can do….

  7. Niacin also has a side effect profile. It is used, medically, for treating high cholesterol and has to be dosed carefully for that reason.

  8. You can research this subject using any medium you like and then come to substantial conclusions. Trying yourself is the best. Maybe I was not clear, the practice I have described helped me loose weight and get into better shape. I have no other explanation. Science needs to have more respect for apparent cause and effect even when the understanding of the processes involved are not entirely clear or in line with what is supposed to happen according to an accepted dogma. All the best.

  9. Youtube is no place to look for science, but they do dish out unsubstantiated opinion by the truckload.

    Why would walking in, say, sandals be inferior?

    If you are at your optimal weight, by definition, you do not look like you go to a gym regularly. You can’t have much meat on your bones at the optimal BMI nonsense.

    That is not to say you have to have bulging muscles everywhere to be healthy…but that is the gym thing.

    What you are talking about is strait cardiovascular exercise. That’s great, but it has been shown that HIIT gets better results…at least for mitochondria. Though I suspect, optimal includes everything: stretching, weight training, cardo, and HIIT. And a liberal dose of core and calisthenics.

  10. My personal experience is that I have lost more pounds after I started walking 40 min a day bare foot on an exposed ground upper body exposed in sunny afternoon days when UV lighting is 2-5 than due to the 17 hours fasting I have been implementing before. It also brought me a lot of piece of mind. I have been walking before and skipping dinner is easier than not after you get used to it so it was very easy for me. If you want a scientific explanation for the benefits of barefoot walking you will find a lot in youtube. I do get sometimes small stones and thorns penetrate my skin but it is thick enough now not to end up in an injury. Plus I got the awareness where to walk and where to avoid in my practice. All in all I am in my optimal weight and people swear that I go to the gym regularly which I don’t.

  11. What kind of quality of life can you have at 340 lb?

    And fruit and veggies are tasty. If I had to eat hotdogs and cream cheese, or whatever you count as food, all day, it would be worse than prison.

  12. Walking the Earth bare foot, just means catching and spreading disease, stepping in dog poop, cutting your feet, getting scratched and poked by twigs, getting caught in the escalator, being thrown out of every restaurant, burning your feet, stepping on rocks, and getting scratched and bitten by animals. And if you have to run, it is easy to catch your nails on the ground and end up bloody.

    You could always try leaches, if you just want to bloodlet.

    And big bodies were just never made for bare feet. Just a small pebble can mean a lot of pain.

    What are you, 110 pounds?

    I think I would rather be branded like the guy on Kung Fu, putting his arms on the hot caldron…or whatever that was than to walk every day in my yard…I have 16 cats:

  13. I make a smoothy with hibiscus flowers blended (with water) then strained, add lots of frozen strawberries, some frozen blueberries, honey, molasses, and stevia. Tastes great.

    Strawberries have that Fisetin. The Hibiscus has a high level of antioxidants.

    I make that about 3 times a week.

    The US supplement industry is very poorly regulated, and you can easily get something that is not what is on the label. If I eat strawberries, I know I am getting that Fisetin.

  14. From what I’ve heard/read, NAD and its precursors taken orally are essentially useless and captured by the liver, what is needed is higher cellular NAD levels, and the present best (and untested) hope is that intravenously bypasses the liver long enough to make it into the cells.

  15. You have to live with Eskimos to not have eaten any vegetable. And even if your ding nothing but vodka it contains 60% water…

  16. Why do over 50 year olds have to infuse NAD+ intravenously? I’ve been taking NMN pills and its increasing my energy level. I feel younger.

  17. “I am 72 yrs, 340 lbs and have NEVER eaten vegetables, fruit or drank water…”
    I’m curious — what kind of diet do you have? What do you typically eat and drink?

  18. What does “anything healthy” have to do with it?
    I am 72 yrs, 340 lbs and have NEVER eaten vegetables, fruit or drank water, yet most my friends who have are gone now.

  19. In my knowledge the problem is that NAD (which is a *di*nucleotide) cannot pass the intestinal wall, so is not suitable for oral intake.
    However, the mono-nucleotide form (NMN) can. Our bodies can convert NMN into NAD.
    And the precursor for NMN is Nicotinamide, the amide form of Niacin (vit B3).

    I take that daily in a higher than standard dose.

  20. If Bill Faloon has not walk the earth bare foot, has not let the golden sun touch his skin in the afternoon nor has practiced daily intermittent fasting and had just taken 100 pills a day then he doesn’t know anything about life, the afterlife, aging and anti-aging and should not be used as an example for anything healthy.

  21. Exactly.
    I’m pretty sure women (and I guess some men) use cosmetics to enhance their looks 3 hours from now, not 30 years from now.

  22. Disappointed no mention was made of Fisetin; it is a powerful senolytic in its own right maybe more so than Quercetin with likely fewer side effects than Dasatinib.

  23. Taking 100 pills a day is a good way to get yourself killed from unforeseen drug interactions and side effects, combine that with a caloric restricted diet and hormones for the triple whammy and I would easily bet that this guy is actively shortening his life not prolonging it. There is no way there have been any kind of long term studies on what that sort of regime would do to the body.

  24. Taking 100 pills is too much of an effort in my opinion. No reason not to boil it down to one pill, the silver bullet.

  25. “…On the other hand, $140 billion per year is spent on cosmetics, vitamins
    and other treatments which have no evidence of life extending properties…”

    Is that why people buy cosmetics & vitamins?

    People take vitamins for all kinds of weird reasons. I take the occasional multi for the only known use case where it’s proven to work, to fill any gaps in my diet and prevent deficiencies.

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