Will Tesla Reveal the Model Y Tomorrow?

Elon Musk indicates there will be some big Tesla news on Thursday.

The leading speculation online is that it will be Model Y announcement. The other most likely topics might be something new about the Model 3, the Supercharger V3 or Autopilot Hardware 3.

The Model Y will share 75% of its parts with the Model 3. It is estimated that a successful crossover vehicle for Tesla could have twice the sales of the Model 3.

SOURCES- Twitter, Elon Musk

Written By Brian Wang

11 thoughts on “Will Tesla Reveal the Model Y Tomorrow?”

  1. Will Tesla announce the new Dry Battery Technology for the Model Y after the Maxwell acquisition?????????

  2. I wonder how much less range and how much cheaper a battery pack would be if you replace the Li-ion cells with high grade NIMH…

  3. Big news is more like expect another 50-100k job losses in US SUV manufacturing.

    The best the incumbent car manufacturers will be able to do is scream to their fixer lawyers in the SEC to try and slow Tesla down.

    They will then use their last remaining dollars not to engineer or make their products better, but to run slander campaigns and negative spin ads on TV until they go bankrupt and expect another bailout from the US taxpayer.

    Model Y is going to utterly smash the small / medium SUV sector in the US and that’s where the incumbents make pretty much all their profits these days. It’s going to get ugly, very ugly. As ugly as when horse and buggy operators starting going bankrupt to that trouble maker Henry Ford.

  4. Sweet, can’t wait.
    I think the Model Y will be fugly, worse then the X…but we’ll see. Elon tends to go overboard on drag coefficient.

  5. It’ll be called something like “the mammoth.”

    It’ll share 90% of its parts with the class 8 truck, but be marketed to retail.

  6. “Crossovers” are a automotive variant somewhere between SUV and sedan/passenger car. It’s an industry thing, not Teslaspeak.

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