SpaceX Starhopper Construction Progress

The SpaceX Starhopper nose cone has had a third section added. SpaceX is using improved welding methods for the new replacement nose cone versus the previous wind damaged nose cone.

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Today’s Starship Hopper Update!— Evelyn Janeidy Arevalo (@JaneidyEve) March 3, 2019

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  1. Really when you look at the human genome, anything over 200 is pretty much a biological impossibility, I would say Musk might see the first colony on a moon of Jupiter if he lived to be 200. However, cybernetics might get us there. Again, these are just crazy predictions. Stuff might happen to prove me wrong. Human genetics are just so limited with too much overlapping stuff. We’re a pretty specialized being as it is.

  2. Anti-aging therapies are around the corner (20 Years) and he has plenty of money to be an early adopter. He is only 47 now. He will be able reach 100+. in 50 years, he could be the most powerful, richest man in the solar system. He wants a city on Mars to establish an industrial base outside the control of Earth’s bureaucracies.

  3. More for aerodynamics in the dense lower atmosphere than anything else. Will also help with weight distribution and managing to keep it vertical through all stages of flight.

  4. I would call lining the seams up between two rings, instead of continuing to stagger them, a basic structural mistake. But given that it’s just a test article, and not likely to see prolonged or heavy service, I suppose it isn’t a big deal.

  5. In a few years SpaceX will start using Starship to deliver astronauts to the ISS.  I can only imagine how that interior is going to look. Especially, considering Starship will have more pressurized volume than the ISS.  Like a space hotel really or a cruise ship.

  6. No, it is the one good autos they did design. They are one of the best small 4×4 vehicles I have ever driven. Second only to a Samurai. Trust me I have a ton of 4×4 driving experience. It’s a job requirement. I have driven a Niva twice, once in Ecuador at 13k ft elevation over the continental divide in the Andes and another time in the Tolbor Valley, Mongolia. Both required off-road on narrow trails and the only vehicle I would prefer to a Niva is a Samurai. On typical dirt roads give me a Australian Toyota Hilux Diesel circa 1999ish with the off-road package (skid plates, Cooper 32″ tires, bull-bar, and a winch). I have done the Rubicon in CA 2x, both times with a severely under equipped vehicle (no winch, just a stock Cherokee Sport V6 4×4 w/ 31″ tires and only big mod a 2″ lift rocker suspension). I know my 4x4s and how to dive them.

  7. Something happened to the Soyuz picture.  Someone deleted it.  So I reposted.  Will make sure it stays in plaice.  Will see if this was a random delete or selective.

  8. I hope he creates multiple clones of himself and sends them all to engineering schools.  If out of a 100 clones we get a few as good as the original it would have been worth it.

  9. Musk will effectively own Space Force because they will have to fly his ships.  Other space hardware will not be affordable with possible exception of B.O.

  10. Who did they copy this car from.  I am betting the Russians did not actually design this car or any other car.  All plagiarized.

  11. Yea that is Russia’s electric “Tesla killer”  heh.  In reality things are even worse this car will never go into production..

  12. The one issue with Musk trying for more than Mars: He will never live long enough even with the speed SpaceX is working at. Mars is ambitious enough for one lifetime.

  13. As far as the gas giants and trying to operate anywhere near them to get anything from the planet itself, good luck on that deltaV.

  14. I stuck my head inside a Mercury capsule once. Pop rivets and exposed wiring. I’ve seen dune buggies with better fit and finish.

    But, that’s fine: It was light weight, and it worked. NASA could use a bit more devotion to that sort of thinking, and less to making stuff look nice.

  15. In terms of concentration, there are some asteroids that have crazy high proportions of rare earth metals.

    16 Psyche for example.

    Also, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn contain a butt ton of rare earths, water, and methane, in insanely high concentrations.

    Titan, Ganymede, Europa and IO. Those four are all between the size of Pluto and Mercury, in the case of Ganymede, larger than Mercury.

  16. There’s probably more, and more concentrated, “good stuff” on the full sized planets, but it’s so much easier* to transport it from the low gravity places.

    *Easier assuming tech we don’t have yet, but which doesn’t look to have any major showstoppers.

  17. It’s the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter that he is really after. That’s where all the good stuff is.

  18. The Lada sucked. However, the Lada Niva was awesome. I drove one around on a field project in Ecuador about 10 years ago. It was a fun little 4×4.

  19. I got a serious sobering looking at the interior of an Apollo capsule. It really drove home that it was designed and built closer to World War 1 than to today.
    Yes I said 1.

  20. I envision the musk future as tv series “the expanse season 1”. (Before the less realistic protomolocule stuff)

  21. Don’t buy into his obfuscating cover story.

    He’s after a lot more than just one planet. There are dozens available without even counting the asteroids. Just wave the (red) shiny object to distract the powers-that-be until he’s got into position, then it’s too late to stop him.

  22. I highly recommend people look at the interior of a Souz capsule and the Dragon.. It’s like comparing an old Lada (Soviet car that’s a total trash) to a brand new Tesla model X.

  23. Why hasn’t anyone thought about making starhoppers out of stainless steel and building them in the backyard? The Elon will be the ruler of Mars.

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