AI Chips for Self Driving Cars Will a Be $10 Billion Market by 2024

Wave Computing AI-enabled MIPS chips will support 80% of the self-driving and advanced driver assisted systems.

The Automotive Artificial Intelligence Market is expected to reach over $10 Billion by 2024 with a CAGR of over 35 percent.

Wave has a 64-bit, ASIL-qualified platform offers many of the same features as the Domain Controller cores and delivers multi-threading, multi-core, multi-cluster support for Open Source-based, real-time applications. A diverse and flexible product-line designed for applications running Linux and other automotive grade, high-level operating systems, the Autonomous Driving Domain IP series can support several of today’s real-time Autonomous systems with the flexibility to adapt to future Autonomous driving requirements. This 64-bit processor core can also be extended with an AI-IP Toolkit that delivers scalable performance with optimized AI libraries for TensorFlow and other popular AI frameworks.

Wave AI chips can also enable deep learning applications at the edge of cloud like home automation systems, IoT devices and autonomous vehicles, to real-time defect detection applications and more.

SOURCES- Wave Computing

Written By Christina Wong

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  1. My expectation for the 2024 automotive artificial intelligence market is similarly 10 billion.

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