AI for Good: Balancing the Risks and Rewards #emTechDigital

There are series of three speakers talking about using AI for social good, defend human rights and an analysis on how to mitigate AI generated fake news.

Ensuring that the era of AI benefits society at large will require developing new ethical principles for the field, and rethinking how we engage with these systems and each other.

Rediet Abebe

Computer Science Researcher, Cornell University; Cofounder, Black in AI
Mechanism Design for Social Good

Below is recent TEDX talk by Rediet Abebe. Can Algorithms Reduce Inequality?

Mark Latonero

Research Lead, Data & Society
AI and Upholding Human Rights

Mark talks about the use of AI to properly assess the risks of immigrants who apply.

Sam Gregory

Program Director, Witness
Trust and Truth: Preparing for Deepfakes

Sam talked about how existing problems like phishing and reputation attacks are made worse with AI and Deep fakes.

There are already shallow fakes, where people take videos of someone being burned alive. The claim is then made that the crime was committed in a different country and performed by people that the video maker wants to have attacked.

SOURCES- Live Reporting by Brian Wang Nextbigfuture from EmTech Digital 2019.