AI in Logistics and Transportation #emtechdigital

Chazz Sims is the Cofounder and CEO, Wise Systems.

Wise Systems automatically schedules, monitors, and adjusts routes in real time – keeping teams on schedule and on plan.

Chazz and Wise Systems believes that data is the key to optimized fleet management. They have found out there is a data poor environment for fleet management.

Wise Systems found that the markets first need was to have improved data collection and then to use AI to improve operations.

Wise reduced late deliveries for Anheiser Busch by 80% and increased utilization by 20% and reduced fleet miles by 15%.

One insight is planning the arrival time so that there a reduced delays at the delivery location.

Most of the time used by drivers is the service times. The last 100 meters that is needed for parking or customer interaction. Drivers can spend 75% of their day at the point of delivery.

Wise will create autonomous dispatching and routing that will use real data.

Chazz spoke 10 months ago about Wise Systems.

SOURCES – Live reporting by Brian Wang,, from the EmTech Digital 2019.

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  2. Yeah, but my dispatcher wasn’t watching as I travelled and couldn’t call and ask what the frak I was doing. This was back in the day when pay phones and pagers were high tech and we used paper log books.

  3. “If you are a professional driver all this seems to do is turn you into a flesh robot for the delivery company.”

    Uhh that’s been true for decades.

    Nothing in this article requires “AI”. I congratulate Mr. Chazz Simms for marketing himself so well.


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