China Authorizes Building Four New Nuclear Reactors and India Commits to Six

China announced plans to invest 81.2 billion yuan (US$12 billion) in four new nuclear reactors for the first time since 2016.

CNNP’s reactors are planned in Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, while CGN will build the other two in Huizhou city, Guangdong province.

The companies will adopt China’s domestically developed nuclear reactor design, namely the Hualong One third-generation reactors. It has been developed by CNNP and CGN based on the ACPR1000 and ACP1000 designs, derived from the French technology.

India and USA Agreed to Build Six New Nuclear Reactors

On Wednesday, the United States and India agreed to building six U.S. nuclear power plants in India. Westinghouse received strong support from US Energy Secretary Rick Perry for its India project, which envisaged the building of six AP1000 reactors in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The previous plan to build these reactors was thrown in to doubt because of financial problems at Westinghouse.

SOURCES- South China Morning Post, Reuters

Written by Brian Wang