China’s Railguns vs US 1000 Mile Range Super-cannon

The US is working on a 1000 mile range super-cannon but appears to be behind China for railguns. China has been testing a railgun on a naval ship for over a year. They claim that railguns will be deployed by 2025. They will be landbased and on ships. China also has a patent for smaller plasma cannon that will fire hypersonic shells from a tank. China, Russia and the USA will have hypersonic weapons. The US will test a hypersonic missile by 2023. China and Russia are ahead with deployment of hypersonic missiles. The US is spending $1.4 billion on research on hypersonic weapons and another billion on the long-range super-gun. The US has been developing railguns for a long time but is lagging in deployment and testing.
China’s railgun
SOURCES- Breaking Defense, DOD, Written By Brian Wang