Debating China’s BRI and Being Home to the Next Silicon Valley

China’s Belt and Road has some questionable economic return potential. However, the Belt and Road is providing geopolitical returns. The Belt and Road has successful projects in Pakistan, Greece and some other countries. The projects are boosting the volume of trade with the countries in the Belt and Road.

After the debate, there was a 5% increase to 39% who voted Yes, the BRI is a large financial blunder.

There is some new development on the BRI. Italy could vote to support the Belt and Road later this month. Italy would be the first G7 country to support the Belt and Road.

China is already second to the United States in large technology companies and second in billion+ dollar technology unicorn companies. Shenzhen is the location of this new silicon valley. Shenzhen is a smartphone center.

After the debate, the number who voted Yes increased 14% to 69% Yes, that the next silicon valley would be in China.

SOURCES- Intelligence 2 Debates

Written by Brian Wang