Elon Musk and NASA Chat As SpaceX is on the Cusp of Manned Missions

There was a video where Elon Musk chat about the history of Elon Musk and SpaceX that has led to the SpaceX Crew Dragon. They also talk to the astronaut crews who will fly on the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

This mostly rehashes Elon going to Russia and getting an excessive price quote and then starting SpaceX.

Elon also repeats the need for fully reusable rockets.

NASA Administrator Bridenstine and Elon both thank each other and celebrate being on the cusp of the USA returning to manned flight.


Written By Brian Wang

11 thoughts on “Elon Musk and NASA Chat As SpaceX is on the Cusp of Manned Missions”

  1. Have you not heard of selection bias? Of course the people who bought Tesla Model 3’s are going to be those who don’t mind or like the interior. Anyone who really doesn’t like the the interior simply would not buy a Model 3 in the first place. Right now of course, the number of people who want a Tesla & have the cash to get one seems to be higher than the amount Tesla can produce, but in the future Tesla needs to consider if their unusual interior is causing them to lose customers who otherwise like their cars. Like myself.

    And this proves the point – we have someone throwing out the paid troll accusations, when reasonable, mild critism of Tesla is proffered. At least come up with some better defense of the interior: here are two points for your side – the single display in the middle means better forward visibility in a Model 3, and having one display means less parts that can possibly break later on. Try using something like that, rather than just resorting to name calling.

  2. Musk is probably the greatest, or at least the most successful, Engineer alive today, and it’s also worth noting that he literally gives away Tesla’s patents. No wonder China lets him build plants there whenever he wants to, while his competitors grumble and plead with Trump to enforce their “Intellectual Property” …because they really have so little intellect.
    But, listen closely to the interview above. By his own admission, even Billionaire Musk was one last (4th) mission from bankruptcy when NASA threw them a lifeline contract to supply the ISS. The timing was perfect since NASA had just retired the costly Space Shuttle, which had two disasters (SpaceX has had more than that, but because its flights were unmanned, no one remembers those) and was too expensive to launch amidst cutbacks in the Space program.
    How many 100s, or even 1,000s, or entrepreneurs and engineers have failed prematurely because they didn’t have Musk’s billions from an earlier venture?
    I know a bit about this personally, having spent the last 2 1/2 years modeling, and now pitching (1 year) the most innovative building in the world. My partner is an Engineer, and I have been working with a local Developer and 2 lobbyists. We have seen city, state and federal officials, or at least their staff. An architect is onboard and the Army Corps has provided us a list of forms to fill out (this is non-trivial!!). Video & details here: http://bit.ly/Riverarch
    What I don’t have, however, is billions of dollars.

  3. If you are not being paid to push this “glued on ipad” nonsense than if you consider yourself to be intelligent you should have thought that Tesla can lose costumers because of your personal preference that car display should be flush with the dashboard. Like I said before I didn’t hear any tesla owners ever complain about that but suspicious fact is near everyone here seems to have a problem with it.. There is only so much you can write off as coincidence.

  4. Don’t forget the ideologues that hate him because he has clearly stated a big driver for both Tesla and SpaceX is climate change. Elon accepts the conclusions of science whether they are about climate or rockets.

  5. Meeting of the giants. Should be commemorated with North Korea style giant sculptures placed in main plazas of big cities around the globe!

  6. Elon Musk for whatever personal reasons has done more for the human race in the last 10 years then anyone single person has done in the last 200 years.

    Man I don’t want to spoil things for you but wait until you find out about electricity, antibiotics, air and automobile travel.

  7. Elon Musk for whatever personal reasons has done more for the human race in the last 10 years then anyone single person has done in the last 200 years.

    That’s simply untrue. Let’s not exaggerate. The past 200 years have seen many people whose inventions have saved literally billions of lives, even allowing most of us to be alive today.

    I’d start with the drivers of the Green Revolution (nothing to do with those currently called Greens) that allowed us to multiply the yield of crops significantly, cheapening food and feeding a growing population.

    From there, those who invented vaccination, hygiene, etc.

    That’s the kind of people you’d be measuring E. Musk against in terms of impact in the last 200 years.

    If anything, he could eventually help bring another big historical milestone: human beings on another planet, and that’s enough claim to fame for any human being, dead of alive.

    But not yet.

  8. Well, firstly some people have a fiscal interest in Ol’Musky failing at his endeavors. Think of all the people who have shorted Tesla’s stock or the various competitors to his business operations. These groups like to spread a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) about these operations. Secondly, there is always a certain portion of the population like just hates things that are popular, like Elon is right now. They will often bring up the same FUD points the first group uses, like they are some sort of secret knowledge the plebs are ignorant of. Basically it is a way of making themselves feel superior over the masses, without actually accomplishing anything.

    Now what I find particulary annoying about those groups is that they make it much more difficult to have any serious discussion that is critical regarding Tesla or SpaceX’s product. For example, I have been called a Russian troll for not liking the iPad-on-a-stick interior Tesla is using on the Model 3/Y, even though in the same post I mentioned that I liked the rest of the car. And so on.

  9. I truly don’t understand why some people are so determined to see Elon Musk fail. Tesla gets such bad comments by these people that its bewildering. Elon Musk for whatever personal reasons has done more for the human race in the last 10 years then anyone single person has done in the last 200 years.
    Spacex made space travel a priority all over the world. He has ignited a new space race which is a very good thing for mankind.
    Tesla has made electric vehicles a priority all over the world. Which helps check climate change.
    Solarcity is also fighting climate change, bigtime.
    Starlink is going to give pretty much everyone in the world access to the internet and the accumulated knowledge of the whole human race.
    Neural Link if it is successful will give us instant access to that knowledge.
    Boring company wants to make travel faster and less congested.

    I am sure there are more projects Elon Musk is working on, but it seems to me anyone badmouthing Elon Musk (while free to do so) is trying to undermine everything we as human beings are trying to achieve.

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