Even if Age Reversal Technology Arrives, Individuals Will Need to Avoid Frailty

For the last few decades, medicine, public health and science have been able to add 1 or 2 years every decade to life expectancy. If we can consistently add 10 or more years to life expectancy for adults every decade then theoretically we could achieve longevity escape velocity.

The longevity escape velocity diagrams are based on theoretical statistical averages and groups with the assumption of new technologies.

Health Maintenance is a fundamental assumption of longevity escape velocity. If a person or nation did not have basic sanitation then the people would die from communicable diseases and not from aging.

The chances are increasing that senescent cell companies, gene therapy companies, stem cell companies and some other biotechnology companies will be able to deliver early stage antiaging rejuvenation in the next 10 to 30 years.

Robust age rejuvenation will be the comprehensive reversal or repair of about 30 years of aging.

Individuals will need to follow an exercise and proper diet regimen in order to maximize the longevity that they will get along with the age reversal or rejuvenation treatments.

Currently, those who do not take care of themselves have a fairly high risk of dying at 40-65. Those who really abuse drugs and other substances can die far earlier. Those who take good care of themselves have a good but not certain chance of living to 85-95 years of age.

In the coming age of Robust age rejuvenation, the variance in lifespan will increase. The lower limit on dying early from health abuse or health neglect will NOT be changed. The upper limit will be changed if the right treatments are used in combination with exercise and proper diet. It could be possible that some people could live longer with a bad lifestyle while depending upon super-medical treatments. However, those people would be vastly reducing their chances.

It will be important to maintain your health as well as possible to avoid becoming frail before the first successful antiaging treatments. It will also be necessary to avoid becoming frail before each of the next age reversal and aging damage repair treatments.

Details of Longevity Escape Velocity – Repairing Damage to Pull Away from Frailty and Death

Frailty is common for people over the age of 70. Frailty basically is where you have about half of the lean muscle mass that you had when you were about 25. Frailty also involves weak bones and diminished lung capacity and reduced organ functions.

There is an antiaging paper that describes about 37 health factors that need to be maintained at a non-frail level.

There is a 76-page Methuselah Foundation study of the physical and biological tests to determine what success would mean for someone who is 90 years old to be as healthy as someone who is 50.

The study looks at 37 medical tests or assessments.

Strong Muscles, Strong Bones, Mobility and a Sharp Mind

Nextbigfuture has reviewed the statistics of frailty.

Safer protocols involving creatine and other supplements can also make it easier to effectively increase muscle mass. A healthy young person has about double the muscle mass of someone with Sarcopenia.

Written By Brian Wang. Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. You can’t fill in the blanks on a potential *post hoc ergo propter hoc* and then cap it all off with “I have said everything I wanted to write on the subject!” as if *what you want to say* is what determines the veracity and sufficiency of the arguments you suggested.

    The math is not simply finding a correlation and calling it a causation.

    I get that you *like* the idea of what you’re proposing but unless you also argue that logic can be bent to suit your *tastes*, then you must concede, should a flaw be found in an argument and regardless who made the argument, that that argument is not credible; and though what you suggest may be true, it wouldn’t be true for the reasons you suggest above.

    And to preempt going round in circles at this point with something like “but I know I’m right”/repeating the same arguments talking past each other, consider this for instance (random easy e.g.) : what if in the western world as you put it, the stress of modern life is “simply” outpacing the advance of medical care which is “simply” getting diminishing returns “simply” because of the very dearth of strategies that approach aging as an illness instead of a universal constant?

  2. I have shown what needs to be shown, life, expectancy has started to go down although our medicine keeps getting better, there is a lot of research showing many parameters of health and indirectly vitality in the Western world to be going that, from sperm count to obesity. The math is very simple; we have reached a point that our vitality deterioration is more adverse the the improvements brought about by conventional medicine. The foregone conclusion is that we need to improve our vitality and therefore our health. It can be done by walking barefoot and sunlight, eating more vegetables, preventing exposure to toxins, etc. I have spoke about it all. You can fill the gaps and look for the terminology on line. I am not going to write books here. I have said everything I wanted to write on the subject!

  3. What happens is you make these claims, with a mixture of obscure terminology and what sounds like plain english claims that don’t make sense.
    We ask for clarification, and don’t receive any sort of clear answer.
    Then we go off on tangents and start joking, because this is the internet.

  4. …Listen to the Flight Attndant’s safety speech, wear your hardhat and safety glasses where appropriate, know where the emergency exits of theaters / restaurants / nightclubs, etc. are, wear your seat belt, avoid war zones, learn to swim, don’t make homicidal friends (and don’t let the suicidal ones drive for you), In other words, just more of what one is presumably doing already…

  5. You don’t live in Montana or Idaho where the guns outnumber the people. Fear of the gov’tment (socialist) and love of weapons inform the West.

  6. A lot of these “thin” people have a lot visceral fat, which is more dangerous than subcutaneous fat.

  7. Man, now I’m imaging you on a Harley, with a gun in one hand and a burger in the other, catcalling strangers in an LA traffic jam.

  8. You eat out? Jesus man, do you have a death wish? I hope you at least bring your gun with you.

  9. This may be true, but “not so distant future” is vague enough that I’d prefer to exercise and enjoy being healthy today.

  10. There are also a lot of twentysomethings who eat like pigs and lounge around and are still thin (though not muscular). Sooner or later we will learn their secrets. For now though, yeah, becoming young again doesn’t make you obesity proof. Just obesity resistant.

  11. It’s more murphy’s law than how impregnable one’s discipline. I’m not sure I agree. Just making sure the argument itself is clear.

  12. People are more likely to own a firearm, if they live in unsafe areas, or are exposed to unsafe situations, so of course firearm owners have higher risk. It’s the classic mistake of ignoring the effect of self selection on your sample. The firearm itself does not make them less safe.

  13. I’ve seen a lot of fat, unhealthy twentysomethings. Humans evolved in an environment where they had to be physically active to eat, and occasionally to avoid being eaten. Without that physical activity, the body does not function properly. It will be a while before the body is so well understood, that it can be hacked so well as to deliver a “perfect” body, and mind reliably.
    Personally, I’d settle for some new stem cells every now, and then.

  14. Don’t dodge the questions. You’ve suggested novelties that you assert are unambiguously superior. Show your math.

  15. Well just read the comments and see what happens every time I mention adjusting to healthy life style first instead of focusing on lab created medicine as advocated again and again in this site….

  16. Just for argument’s sake, the statistical essence of owning a gun he might be referring to is comparable to owning a motorcycle.

    And I say this as owning both. And doing every other item on that list for that matter.

  17. What is life force?
    What is handicapped bionic?
    What evaluation of technology do you suggest?
    What is “conventional science” and where is the agenda that advocates handicap over rejuvenation?

  18. If age reversal technology arrives, one will need to avoid dying. Avoid high traffic areas, eating out, talking to strangers, owning a gun,

  19. Extreme third world poverty is not a consequence of connecting to the earth! Technological advancement means nothing if the direction that is taken is not being evaluated. You are domesticated into the conventional scientific agenda that advocates going handicapped bionic over natural rejuvenation and increasing our life force!

  20. You’re a special kind of Deepak Chopra stupid, aren’t you? Connect to the earth? Tell that to the people who are desperately trying to get access to electricity and achieve 75% child survival.

    Feel-good platitudes do not outweigh Actual Hard Work and technological advancement.

  21. While this is true for the immediate future there will come a time in the not so distant future where exercise will not be necessary to have a perfect body and mind. Isn’t technology wonderful! 🙂

    Not “Live Forever”
    “Forever Young!”

  22. This is just common sense. Fitness and current methods such as NR/NAD+, Resveratrol, and experimentation with the various senolytics is the proper approach to increase your chances of making it to longevity escape velocity. Ignoring all of the naysayers, especially those who are ideologically driven, will also increase your chances as well. Advice from “deathists” is worthless drivel.

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