First Eighty-Year Nuclear Plant Licensing Could be Made Next Year

Dominion Energy could spend $4 billion over the next decade on the Surry-North Anna relicensing program and plant maintenance. The two nuclear units at Surry Power Station are both three-loop Westinghouse pressurized water reactors that produce 1,676 net megawatts. This is about 14% of the electricity used in Virginia.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission could extend the operating license for the two reactors by 20 years to 2052 and 2053.

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) president and CEO Maria Korsnick said digital technology, 3D printers, big-data analytics, and artificial intelligence are enabling upgrades existing nuclear plants for extended operation.

Westinghouse was recently funded by the DOE to make what could the first of a new generation of factory mass produced microreactors. Small modular reactors and micro-reactors from many companies could start providing significant new nuclear power.

There is also progress to new nuclear fuel that has more surface area which could improve safety, increase power generation and improve nuclear power economics.

SOURCES- Lightbridge, World Nuclear News, Westinghouse

Written by Brian Wang