Vegas LVCVA Board Approves 2 Mile Boring Company Tunnel

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Board of Directors approved a recommendation to select Elon Musk’s The Boring Company (TBC) to design, construct and operate a people mover for the Las Vegas Convention Center via a loop of underground express-route tunnels that could carry passengers in autonomous electric vehicles at high speeds. Elon Musk has tweeted that the two-mile long tunnel and people mover can be operational by the end of the year. Elon’s Boring Company (TBC) and the LVCVA will determine specific design, construction and operational plans and negotiate a contract for final approval by the LVCVA Board in a subsequent meeting anticipated by June 2019. TBC’s existing proposal indicates the underground loop system offers reduced total costs, less disruption to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and faster construction time than traditional ground or above-ground options. The loop will be designed to meet the full spectrum of ridership needs, including demands from future expansions, with a potential capacity of up to 11,000 passengers per hour. The estimated system cost is between $35 million and $55 million depending on route, number of stations and size of stations. The project eventually could connect Downtown, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Las Vegas Boulevard Resort Corridor, McCarran International Airport and beyond.
Two miles long tunnel
Eventual tunnels to the Vegas strip and airport
SOURCES- LVCVA, Boring Company, Twitter Written By Brian Wang

21 thoughts on “Vegas LVCVA Board Approves 2 Mile Boring Company Tunnel”

  1. You must be kidding those fruitcakes in California are F-in nuts. Some cow was bragging on line that they shut the hyper loop down to the airport with environment assessments etc. I responded great accomplishment now you can sit in traffic with the other fools. California is so anti anything that they will kill any project. In the next recession they will go bankrupt and kill pensions and that vast social welfare program that is creating a ghetto and massive influx illegals will need another state to leach on.

  2. Not sarcasm? Yep, out of character. But everyone has a right to change their character…or like one random thing. We are not simplistic automatons.

  3. Who says it has to go above ground? You just have escladers and elevators for the disabled. Special elevator for the vehicles if they need to be changed out for some reason.

  4. Vegas stinks…quite literally. Not sure if it is from thousands of people peeing on the ground or what.

    Better off with a private tropical island.

    Actually, I expect his lair to be on Mars. Probably in the planning stages already 😉

  5. Elon needs a lair. Why not Vegas? He can build a BFC (Big Fraking Casino) and he can have the top levels as his lair. Maybe he can make it look like a giant charging station or a BFR. A chrome high rise … just what Vegas needs.

  6. People give me crap for when I diss on Musk. Now that I am posting something supportive, they still give me crap.

    Musk Fluffers: More whacked in the head than the TDS inflicted, it seems

  7. I do hope it’s a realistic estimate. Would be awesome if things like this can be done on that kind of a time-scale with modern methods.

  8. Especially if you can just jump on it like a bus or a train, but if it’s such a vital bit of infrastructure you can bet there’ll be some TSA-like bullshit slowing it down.

  9. It’s a bit of a shame that this PRT is basically self driving electric mini buses rather than hanging pods. Hanging pods have the advantage that they are self leveling when going up and down really step (or even vertical) ramps. Like regular cars, Elon’s mini buses need long gentle ramps or elevators to move up and down. Ramps take up heap of room once the system needs to go above ground.

    still the cheaper tunneling is nice, as any PRT system will require building new tunnels in the downtown area.

  10. Elon must have forgotten to give to the mayor’s political campaign. He can probably remedy that.

  11. Operational by the end of the year? Why did he have to throw that in? He needs to keep that to himself. I don’t think that is realistic. Tunnel dug? Sure. All concrete work done with lighting and whatnot? Maybe. But there is still a lot beyond that: elevator construction for the vehicles if needed, getting everything set up at the terminals, meeting all the safety requirements…that they haven’t invented yet… coroners to take all the skeletons away they dig up of all the people who won big and disappeared before they could tell anyone 😉

  12. Apparently there were two people on the comittee involved directly with the convention center who voted yes (so the relevant parties want it), but the mayor of Las Vegas voted no, which means there’s a political fight brewing.

  13. Cool, but they have a l-o-n-g way to go before it resembles anything close to the video they made a year or so ago.

  14. I see a chance for LA to Vegas hyperloop in the future done by Boring company. Any Hills or mountains in the way will be tunneled through keeping the path straight. Should be a lot faster than by air overall.

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