Las Vegas Convention Center Will Vote

On March 12, 2019, the Las Vegas’ Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) will vote on whether to use Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build a tunnel with people movers in Las Vegas. Steve Hill, LVCVA’s president and CEO, said the goal is to build The Boring Company’s system in time to be used for the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021. The people movers would be electric buses moving in underground tunnels. Boring Company won’t make specific design and construction plans until after the LVCVA directors vote on March 12. Pending the LVCVA Board’s approval during their March 12 meeting, TBC and the LVCVA would determine specific design, construction and operational plans and negotiate a contract for final approval by the LVCVA Board in a subsequent meeting anticipated by June 2019. The estimated fiscal impact of the potential project is $35 to $55 million. The initial project would be to connect the sprawling convention center.
There could be a later project to connect the convention center and the entire Las Vegas strip.
Possible future project to connect the Las Vegas convention center, Las Vegas strip and McCarran Airport
SOURCES- Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Boring Company Written By Brian Wang.

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  1. Yeah, first thought was what about that monorail, then I remembered the station locations suck. If they are forced to go deep, station access times will make it just as sucky as the monorail on the strip.

  2. It’s a narrow niche Musk is carving out ofr himself, but I’m glad to see it’s more than just a car-moving system now and closer to a subway. Still, it’s worth remembering that NYC subways move 5.5 million people per DAY on an average workday:
    Can a Boring system move what, say, the #1 subway moves in a typical workday (the 4,5,6 trains move even more), even accounting for fewer stops? The picture shows a bus larger than I thought possible with Musk’s Borers and that matters a lot to overall capacity.

  3. LV has a monorail and nobody rides it. Part of the reason is the stations are a far walk to get to.

    If Boring Company could deliver people closer to the front door of the hotels they are staying at, and get them up and down the Strip and over to the Convention Ctr, it could be worth a look.

  4. Very interesting
    CES traffic was jammed in that area.
    Boring Company Loop could help bypass
    congestion at the LV Convention Center and parts
    of the LV Strip allowing Convention attendance and
    hotel convention expansion sites to continue to grow.
    The electric People Movers could avoid getting stuck
    in traffic like buses.

    The continued growth may justify the drilling expense
    and the short distances could keep the total costs
    modest by California ‘Train to Nowwhere’ standards.

  5. I love the idea of tunneling and creating roads underground, but is it worth the costs in this case? The bus system for CES connecting with the major properties on the Strip is already pretty good. The new system would relieve some road congestion and save a few minutes, but I doubt it would be worth the cost. It would be a good demonstration project, however.

  6. Isn’t there one starting at MGM Grand that goes up to…Venetian or further? I remember riding it when I last went to Vegas a long, long time ago.

  7. It won’t be very fast with short distances and lot of stops, but I would definitly like to see it, if they built it.

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