Microsoft AI Breakthroughs – AI Amplified Content and Creativity #emtechdigital

Harry Shum
Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, Microsoft
Democratization of AI

He is talking about the State of AI.

Microsoft AI has reached or exceeded human capabilities with speech, reading and writing from 2016 to today.

He talked about XiaoIce a social Chatbot that released a pop album and recites and narrates children’s storybooks.

It can write poetry and has published two books of poetry.

It has created over 4 million hours of content. It can create a story or poem in ten minutes.

It can also create paintings.

A new poem was generated from a black and white picture of a village. She created a short chinese poem on life from that picture.

The AI can enhance human creativity.

People have created fake photos and text with lies and propaganda for many decades and centuries. The difference now is that it has become vastly easier and faster. The volume that will be produced is far greater.

Microsoft will not ship product before there are security, privacy and AI ethical review.

Microsoft has created an AI ethical committee. It has technology people and legal and other areas of the company. Brett Smith the chief legal officer is on the committee.

SOURCE- Live Reporting from EmTech Digital 2019

Written By Brian Wang.

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