Precision Missiles are the Critical Ammunition in a Big War and the US Does Not Have Enough

The USA does not have enough missiles and antimissiles to beat China over Taiwan and Russia over the Baltics according to RAND thinktank wargames.

Precision long-range missiles will be the critical ammunition in any future war with China and Russia. Those missiles can take out air bases, air defenses and aircraft carriers. Anti-missiles and missile defenses are for protecting your air bases and critical air assets.

China, Russia and the USA all have precision long-range missiles. China and Russia can cripple US satellites with missile and cyber attacks.

Being able to destroy air bases and aircraft carriers means that stealth fighter and stealth bombers can be destroyed on the ground.

Having a lot of aircraft carriers, tanks and other expensive military vehicles but not enough missiles is like having a lot of guns but not enough bullets.

The US needs to cut back on a few large military systems to get thousands of missiles and anti-missile systems.

The US needs to increase spending on missile and anti-missile systems to about 5% of the overall military budget. The US has a military budget of about $700 billion and 15% is for procurement of weapon systems and missiles. The US needs to spend an extra $24 billion on missiles and anti-missile systems.

SOURCES- Rand, Breaking Defense

Written By Brian Wang