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Rohit Prasad is the Vice President and Head Scientist, Alexa AI, Amazon. He is discussing scaling AI. Engaging with intelligent assistants has become routine in many of our lives, both at home and on the road. What can we learn from the technologists behind Amazon’s Alexa on where the field is headed next?

Alexa has been modified to understand whispering. Alexa gets smarter by your usage.

Amazon’s has challenges with hundreds of millions of devices with AI. They must meet the expectation that the devices will get smarter and better all the time. Amazon needs to properly gather early customer feedback to properly adjust answers that wrong. However, this adaptation needs to balance responsiveness and correct but not incorporate human errors or hacking.

Amazon is reducing the barriers to entry to writing a skill. Amazon needs to have the tools to enable experts to write their skills. Amazon needs to take away the AI and voice expertise problems. The expert provides the critical examples from which the Alexa system can expand into a usable service.

Alexa will not respond to rudeness.

Alexa has a kids version and adjusts answers based upon the speaker. They provide more educational and fun answers for kids.

Rohit spoke recently on Amazon AI at AWS re:Invent 2018.

golden age of artificial intelligence (AI). Machines have already surpassed humans in some specific tasks, including image and speech recognition, thanks to the power of cloud computing, the abundance of data required to train AI systems, and improvements in foundational AI algorithms. While some express fear about the potential for AI systems to increasingly overtake the role of humans, together we should influence how these systems can improve every aspect of our lives. Join Rohit Prasad as he explores the opportunities for AI systems to augment human intelligence in ways that will make it accessible to everyone, increasing the societal good today and into the future.

SOURCES- Live Reporting by Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture at EmTech Digital 2019

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