Small Nuclear Reactors from China and USA Around 2025

China will start pouring concrete for a 125 MWe ACP100 nuclear reactor by the end of this year. Construction is expected to take 65 months. The first unit expected to start up by 31 May 2025 Changjiang, Hainan. Each ACP100 module will weigh 300 tons. The ACP100 is based on existing PWR technology and uses verified passive safety systems to cope with the consequences of accident events. Natural convection cools down the reactor if there is a problem. The ACP100 integrated design of its reactor coolant system (RCS) enables the installation of the major primary circuit’s components within the reactor pressure vessel (RPV). The ACP100 is a multipurpose power reactor designed for electricity production, heating, steam production or seawater desalination and is suitable for remote areas that have limited energy options or industrial infrastructure.

Nuscale 60 MWe Nuclear Modules targeting mid-2020s

A US company Nuscale is also working on small modular reactors. NuScale’s SMR technology features the self-contained NuScale Power Module, with a gross capacity of 200 MWt or 60 MWe. Based on pressurized water reactor technology, the scalable design can be used in power plants of up to 12 individual modules. Nuscale spunout from Oregon State University in 2007.

The NuScale power module is packed inside a cylindrical containment vessel measuring 75 feet high and 15 feet in diameter and weighs about 700 tons. The company says the modules can be shipped in three segments by truck, rail or barge to their final destination.