SpaceX Crew Dragon Has Successful Launch

Here is the planned schedule is for the SpaceX crew Dragon schedule. <del>The countdown should start in less than one hour.</del> There was a successful launch. It will take one day to rendezvous with the space station. There will be a five day mission. There was a successful landing of the first stage.

Mission Timeline (all times approximate)
-45:00SpaceX Launch Director verifies “go” for propellant load
-37:00Dragon launch escape system is armed
-35:00RP-1 (rocket grade kerosene) loading begins
-35:00First stage LOX (liquid oxygen) loading begins
-16:00Second stage LOX loading begins
-07:00Falcon 9 begins engine chill prior to launch
-05:00Dragon transitions to internal power
-01:00Command flight computer to begin final prelaunch checks
-01:00Propellant tank pressurization to flight pressure begins
-00:45SpaceX Launch Director verifies go for launch
-00:03Engine controller commands engine ignition sequence to start
-00:00—Liftoff of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft

00:58Max Q (moment of peak mechanical stress on the rocket)
02:35First stage main engine cutoff (MECO)
02:38First and second stages separate
02:42Second stage engine starts
07:48First stage entry burn
08:59Second stage engine cutoff (SECO-1)
09:24First stage landing burn
09:52First stage landing
11:00Dragon separates from second stage

You may be wondering why @SpaceX’s #CrewDragon launches on Saturday, March 2 at 2:49am ET. It’s science! We have to complete many steps — down to milliseconds — to sync the launch to rendezvous with the @Space_Station. Here’s a look at the timeline:— NASA (@NASA) March 1, 2019

Source: NASA, Twitter, SpaceX

Written by Brian Wang

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  1. It’s been around for awhile. Don’t credit me- it is a fragment of a quote from Ronaldus Magnus.

  2. Well, he agreed to be on it in the first place. Probably just realized that science is not a Trump thing anyway, and neither is advise.

  3. RIP Roscosmos.  Rogozin is charlatan and a crook.  That clown Rogozin, who is journalist by education recently said that Elon Musk is not a “technical specialist so he does not understand rocket engines”

  4. I think you misinterpret the blue hair bit.
    Jean doesn’t mean the “blue rinse” that is favoured by elderly ladies. He means the blue hair that is favoured precisely by the young “educated” people, the anti GMO, antivaxxer, antinuclear crowd with their green new deal.

    Why both the conservative elderly and the politically active young like dying their hair blue is left unanswered. And the ancient Scots I suppose.

  5. Which has what to do with commercial space?

    Meanwhile, Congress consistently underfunded Commercial Crew, compared to what the White House requested for it in all but the last year of Obama.

  6. Please…

    Back when we all were trying to get some idea of what the space policy of the candidates might be, Trump explicitly spoke of ‘fixing infrastructure first.’

    What he cares about now, is something with his name on it that will last beyond him. Like the ‘Space Force,’ or asking Robert Lightfoot if NASA could get humans to Mars by the end of his first term, if they had an unlimited budget…

  7. I never thought about “cisheteronormative”, but I learned a new word. I will put it in my store of all the other interesting bits of useless knowledge.

    Of course rockets are for a techno-file like me in some way sexy, though I can’t imagine myself making love to one.

    I am not worried about the blue rinse brigade curtailing technology. It is the young “educated” people, the anti GMO, antivaxxer, antinuclear crowd with their green new deal, who aspire to turn the world into an 18th century pastoral paradise.

  8. I suspect Musk just understands that he has to be publicly thought to hate Trump, or else he’s painting a giant bullseye on his back.

    It’s hard to tell what people actually think of the guy, when publicly approving of him can have consequences.

  9. Since 2010,Todays launch was the 68th (excluding the 1falcon heavy launch). 2 rockets never made it to orbit due to failure and in one launch the primary payload was successful while a secondary payload didn’t reach proper orbit.

    There have been 79 Atlas V launches since 2002 with one partial failure (lower than intended orbit).

  10. Pretty sure Elon is secretly happy with Trump. If he weren’t then he would be tweeting about Trump.

    Elon really liked the Trump admin push to end forced IP transfers.

  11. How quickly people forget that the Obama administration re-tasked NASA with “outreach to the Muslim world”

  12. How quickly everyone forgets the role that NASA during the Obama administration was in utilizing private enterprise in space transportation.

  13. Just as Werhner von Braun fortold in his book, “Project Mars” we will call the head of the Martian government the “Elon”.

  14. Exactly. I am hopeful for BFR’s success at which point brings Starlink to realization. Capital investments from which enables monopolization of space infrastructure. When that reality hits kleptocrats they will have dollar signs in their eyes, and will mobilize activists.

  15. kill SpaceX with Social Justice.

    That made me chuckle. I can perfectly imagine a blue haired, glasses-wearing easily-offended someone telling something like this: Are SpaceX’s rockets cisheteronormative and hence problematic?

    But leftists in power are more likely to tax it to hell and put obstacles to it, to favor the usual suspects, than using crybully tactics.

  16. What on earth does Trump or Clinton have to do with spacex? Is the office of the president automatically on their rocket design team or something?

  17. Kicking butt. The future is looking bright. I hope the next administration doesn’t kill SpaceX with Social Justice. If it moves, tax it- and all that.

  18. Is anyone else having website loading/sizing issues? I’m also havign really difficulty getting the page to load. Using Chrome in the US FYI. I know this isn’t the best place to past this, but its taking forever to load.

    More on topic: This is awesome! About time. Too bad NASA is taking so long to certify everything.

  19. I recall when SpaceX had lost three rockets and achieved two or three orbits.
    United Launch Alliance claimed their advantage was “reliability.”
    They state their service is a “picture of reliability” and they are right. To date
    their stats look good:
    “75th success for the Atlas V rocket and the 125th successful launch for ULA”
    SpaceX is fast closing that launch number. I suppose the number of people
    who watch their launches must be tapering off now – it’s so routine, even the
    Well done.

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