SpaceX Raptor Engine SpaceHopper Test Today is reporting that SpaceX is performing the first new raptor engine firing on the Spacehopper. The Spacehopper is being held down with tethers. Every Day Astronaut is also reporting live on the test firing.

Still waiting. But maybe the Raptor will get fired.

Source :, SpaceX, Twitter, Youtube, Everyday Astronaut

Written By Brian Wang

5 thoughts on “SpaceX Raptor Engine SpaceHopper Test Today”

  1. 4/04/19 they did a short hop ,history made again,nobody ever built a Mars spaceship on the beach and then went to Mars before in known history.
    thx for the update here.

  2. Nothing, plus a new drone ban after SpaceX got cheesed off by amateur drone photographers (though one of the drone video feed companies apparently already has a special state permit for flying over wildlife refuges that includes higher state level exception priority, so is reconfirming with the sheriff that they are excepted from the general flight ban, though might be still subject to special temporary flight restrictions)

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