Tesla Will Unveil Model Y March 14

Elon Musk has tweeted that Tesla will unveil the Model Y on Marhc 14. The Model Y will be 10% bigger than the Model 3. It will be a SUV-crossover vehicle. It will cost 10% more than the Model 3. Elon has tweeted that the Model 3 will have normal doors instead of the winged doors of the Model X.

Model Y unveil event on March 14 at LA Design Studio— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 3, 2019

Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 3, 2019

New Supercharger Stations

Firmware Upgrade Will Increase Range, Power and Speed of All Model 3 Cars

The range of a Long Range Rear-Drive model 3 will increase from 310 miles to 325 miles with a software upgrade. All Model 3 will get about 5% better in terms of range, power and speed.

SOURCES- Twitter, Elon Musk

Written by Brian Wang

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  1. Wow! Railroads deteriorated in post-Colonial Africa because they were thousands of years old?

  2. You can put together an idea that the number of African killed must be proportional to the number of slaves exported. Most of the slaves were young adults which meant they weren’t going to be a round to reproduce.

    They reproduced just fine. And where there were problems, their new masters helped out.

    So this ‘proportional killed’ thing is complete BS you just made up as a rhetorical construct, not a fact.

    Still waiting on your evidence of all those ‘wars of conquest’ that happened during the Colonial Era…especially when the Europeans more or less peacefully divvied up the Continent amongst themselves. Or, if they did acquire lands from war, it was wars fought more in Europe than Africa.

  3. Am I the only one who posted a Tesla comment to this Tesla article?

    Only to see it buried in African colonialism comments?

  4. Looks like Tesla owners are far more about virtual signaling with their money than they are about actually saving the planet. I am shocked! SHOCKED!


    On Thursday, Tesla announced that it was finally selling a long-promised $35,000 Model 3. In addition to that price reduction, the company also cut the starting prices of its Model S and Model X vehicles by $12,000 to $18,000, and other versions of the vehicles saw their prices decrease by up to $18,000.

    That’s nothing compared to the impact of the new pricing on some overseas markets, though. According to an article by Electrek, some Model S and Model X vehicles now cost more than $30,000 less, and in Taiwan, the price of the Model S P100D dropped by almost $100,000

    Some owners posted banners critical of the new prices at Tesla’s physical stores, while others staged in-person protests at the company’s Supercharger stations.


  5. It’s because the comments seem to be rolling over from earlier articles. There’s a 2 or 3 week cycle, and they just appear again. These comments along with the others will probably turn up in an article on pollution in China or something next time round.

  6. And that fact contradicts the accepted history about where World War 2 was fought? In what way? What point are you trying to make? Did you reply to the wrong person?

  7. Is that why Asian in the US have an income 20% more than the average white guy? How do you explain this ASIAN PRIVILEGE? You can strip the father of DNA James Watson of his honors but that just means we have a 1984 double speak. The studies have shows the same results no matter the meals they eat. Unless the people face this fact trying to claim that everything is racism is going to lead to conflict and harm. Everyone should be given the opportunity to rise to the level of their abilities.

  8. That means this blog is still high jacked by the Russian trolls. New tactics. Well will see how that works out.

  9. Elon, you are the man that delivers… I am thoroughly enjoying my new dual motor model 3. You were right it is not just a car, it’s a joy making machine. We will very likely be buying a model Y for my wife. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the cause. GO TESLA, GO SPACEX.

  10. I can see NBF’s chief troll has struck again. A GRU operative couldn’t have done better. If you want to talk intelligence, perhaps contemplate how you responded.

    The model Y will be awesome.

  11. All this arguing and no one can answer the question the size of the elephant in the room: why can’t Africans get their shit together after so many thousands of years? (The same can probably be said of Latin America).

    Conservatives/white supremacists like Warren the Ass obviously believe that white men are the gifts of God, hence justifying colonialism. I believe that blacks and hispanics are just, on average, much dumber, hence their regressiveness. Yes, that also makes me a racist. Notice I said on average, which means, sure, there are at times “Einsteins” in both races, but these two races are just plain stupid when compared, say, to the Jews or Asians.

    Intelligence is the number one reason why these two races can’t get their shit together even to this day, and that the countries in their respective cultures are full of corruption and endless cycles of downward spiral only to be bailed out time and again, but it’s only a (racist) opinion of mine.

    There, I said it, I know it’s what all of you think whether you admit or not.

  12. Not impossible, just not easy. The capital that could have been used for industrialization was pocketed by warlords and other scum (especially the political types who thought Soviet communism was the way to go). Basically 50 lost decades. The Soviet experiment is still deeply embedded in a lot of places. But, some places are moving faster than others. Most of Africa is trying to skip industrialization and go straight to service economies – a huge policy failure. Throughout Africa, leadership is extremely weak, poorly educated, beholden to foreign money, and kleptocratic. When you have leaders who dont give a shit about their country, you get the results of that.

  13. And Africa has industrialized since then?

    (cough, cough)

    It’s a big hole to dig yourself out of, but slowly most of Africa is trying.

    I don’t see a big hole filled with participation prizes as difficult for me to get out of, do you?

    Yet it is an impossibly deep hole for the Africans to get out of themselves, apparently.

  14. A quick review of history tells me that Africa was civilized much earlier than Europe. Ancient Egypt and Nubia were civilized long before Greece and Rome. Kush and Axum were civilized around the same time as Greece and Rome. Mali, Ghana, Songhai, Kongo empires existed during Europe’s dark ages.

    Civilization existed in Africa before the Europeans. The fact that the European left a few miles of rail roads does not make up for the destruction of slavery and colonialism.

  15. Yes but….
    Colonialism was designed to keep the colonies from industrializing. GDP can rise when you extract resources and .01% of the “owners” enjoy the benefits and don’t reinvest the returns locally (on a broad scale, not just investments needed to be colonial). After liberation, most of Africa was prematurely de-industrialized. The new leaders simply replaced the positions of colonials but without any desire to lift the masses, plus the disastrous influence of the Soviets. Most locals were repressed under colonialism and, unfortunately, even more repressed afterwards.

    It’s a big hole to dig yourself out of, but slowly most of Africa is trying. The break-out point comes when a country reaches a level of middle class that can’t be resisted by the mighty few. Ethiopia, for example. Rwanda, on the other hand, still suffers from the strongman Kagame who literally makes up GDP numbers to look good.

  16. Have lived in several places in Africa, travelled throughout, and do business there. There are many Africas. You can fit all of US, China, India, and Europe into Africa. 54 countries of about 3,000 tribes with almost as many languages. Tribes in the key word here (though there are millions of Africans who are European descendants). Most of Africa suffers from artificial borders that break the tribal units. The Hausa tribe. They are about 70 million strong, and if they were their own country it would be northern Nigeria, South Niger/Burkina, northern Ghana/Togo/Benin. Instead, they are ruled by 6 different political nations.

    Most of Africa has had to struggle with “what is a nation?” because tribal loyalties comes first. It makes it very difficult to develop a “country”. The solution, often, as been dictatorships, or some kind of strong, forceful political control (often by one or the other tribe). The Xhosa and Zulu make up the ANC in South Africa (though Ramaphosa is Venda).

    Ethiopia is very homogenous and 2 tribes completely dominate. Their leadership is pretty visionary – currently – and they are very good at getting things done.

    The key for Africa is to continue the shift away from natural resources to consumerism. Africa in total only has a $2.2 trillion GDP, but annual consumer spending is increasing from about $1.5t to expected $2.1t by 2025. That’s pretty encouraging. Huge, huge challenges, but there is a LOT of upside here in specific places (but I’m biased!).

  17. I wasn’t cutting ears off and counting. You can put together an idea that the number of African killed must be proportional to the number of slaves exported. Most of the slaves were young adults which meant they weren’t going to be a round to reproduce.

    Europeans developed Africa to supply raw material so they develop farms and mines and the railroads and ports. But it was for their benefits only and not for the Africans. What Africa need was to develop mass production which they weren’t allow.

    Africa is not unique in having most of their population killed. That happened to a lot of other people. What is unique to African is the length of time this occurred for. No other countries have gone thru 1250 years of destruction. African countries became independent just 40-50 years ago. Give them a little time before you call them hopeless. There are a lot of poor countries in Europe and Asia that are just recoverying.

  18. He is a bit confused. The Greeks called blacks Ethiopians, which basically translates to “burned face”. The Greeks did set up small communities/colonies in Ethiopia, but it was nothing major.

  19. He seriously thinks there were no genocides after colonialism. He is full of complete and utter s***
    Who do you think committed the Rwandan Genocide? What do you think was happening in Liberia and Sierra Leone?
    And as if Africa is the only continent to have this sort of mass killings. Virtually every corner of the planet has, throughout history, had this sort of events and they invariably bounce back. Hell, just 70 years ago, Europe lost HOW many people from WWI and WII, the Spanish Flu and lost HOW many major cities? Yet it bounced back.
    He completely underestimates how well population recover from this sort of decimation.
    The fact of the matter is that, after colonialism, modern standards were introduced, including farming, and the population has exploded.

  20. Continuation.
    And I will mention other events in history that have caused mass-depopulation, including the Black Death. Yet there was somehow a bounce-back.
    Just look at the population since. Oh wait, the population in sub Saharan Africa has literally exploded like it never has before.
    The fact of the matter is that colonial powers brought Africa into the modern world and many of the nations let the infrastructure deteriorate, after the powers left.

  21. “Slavery happened first and as a result of slavery Africa has continuous tribal wars that depopulated it and kept it from developing.”
    That was a “them” problem, for the most part. At least as far as Europeans were concerned because it was the African kingdoms on the west coast that were capturing their own people and selling them off.
    “The wars of conquest killed many Africans. ”
    How many?
    “Then the policies of colonialism made sure Africa could not develop.”
    Oh nonsense. Africa developed more after Arab and European conquest than ever before. A lot of the centers of trade and learning were Islamic[Timbuktu and Geni are two large ones] and the Europeans developed them even more, just as they did India.
    “Muslim and European slavery and wars of conquest you are talking about 350 years of destruction. ”
    Destruction? What destruction exactly and how widespread was it?
    “The two major events would be the Biafra Civil War and the Rwandan Genocide. People forget the German genocide of the Hereo people. They forget the genocide in Belgian Congo. They forget the genocide of the Hottentots in South Africa. They forget that the Muslim and European wars of conquest killed millions of Africans. They forget the Muslim jihads in Africa against non-Muslims killed millions.”
    Oh yea. Africa must be completely exclusive in having that sort of bloodshed. Mongol invasions. Persian invasions. Caliphate invasions. Mughal invasion of India. Yea, Africa is exclusive. Just look at the population.

  22. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1877834/
    “During this period, neither African governments nor the international donor community sufficiently prioritized HIV/AIDS or allocated adequate resources to help prevent and control its spread. In sub-Saharan Africa, the total amount of official development assistance actually declined in the 1990s, to about $3 per HIV-infected person by 1999.3 By this time, the international donor community had begun to focus on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and in 2000 began to send billions of dollars to sub-Saharan Africa to tackle the crisis. These investments appear to have had a positive effect: between 2000 and December 2005, HIV prevalence rates among adults were reported to have decreased in more than two-thirds of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa, falling from a mean rate of 10% to 7.5%.1”
    It spread like wildfire. So much that the life expectancy in several nations dropped by a few years by the time full blown AIDS came into effect)decade or so.
    With UNAID and WHO coordinating programs, maybe things will fair. But without Western support, you’re looking at a time bomb.

  23. Where do you think they come from? As I said, it is mostly foreign aid. The only programs on that continent that I know of that ate internal are in SA and that place is going the way of Zimbabwe, fast.
    The only long term anti HIV effects that may be long lasting are the mass circumcisions by the WHO and that is only so effective.

  24. Slave trade you mean. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_slave_trade

    The Arabs enslaved wherever they could reach…cleared whole islands in the Mediterranean. They made West Africa the slave Mecca. The Portuguese, Spanish, and later just about everyone got their slaves there. They did not really want to spread their religion, because it was bad for buisness, as it was against the law to enslave a Muslim. So they would have to let them go if they converted.

  25. You are right, I have skipped the link. Upon review, it just shows my point, Ancient Egyptians and Kushites were not of Sub Saharan origin, this point has already been shown. The rest appeared very late and had existed for a very short time. At the start of the time European colonization Sub Sahara Africa was only at the dawn of the building civilization age. Both transition to agriculture and Building Mega Societies was associated with a certain genetic shift changes that were slow to drift into Africa. There is a lot of evidence for that.

  26. Slavery and colonialism were two different phase.

    Exactly? So why bring it up when the subject is 1950s colonial Africa?

    And no, more wars and genocides did not happen after colonialism.


    You serious?

    They forget the genocide in Belgian Congo

    That wasn’t from European colonialism. Belgian Congo was a personal fiefdom of King Leopold, not a Belgian colonial possession.

    And nobody forgets. You seem to be math deficient tho in thinking that just one genocide in one area somehow outnumbers all the others that happened since then.

    FACT: There have been far, far more wars and genocides in Africa AFTER colonialism ended than there were during the colonial era. What crack pipe are you smoking?

  27. Slavery and colonialism were two different phase. Slavery happened first and as a result of slavery Africa has continuous tribal wars that depopulated it and kept it from developing. Right after that colonialism came about. The wars of conquest killed many Africans. Then the policies of colonialism made sure Africa could not develop. Africa was to be exploited for its natural resources but would have be allowed to develop manufacturing.

    BTW, there are books written about Africa’s history. I don’t have to do seances. European and Middle Eastern countries gathered slaves themselves and also traded luxury goods and guns for slaves.

    And no, more wars and genocides did not happen after colonialism. If you count the effects of the Muslim and European slavery and wars of conquest you are talking about 350 years of destruction. African countries started getting independence mostly in the 1960s, which was about 50 years ago. The two major events would be the Biafra Civil War and the Rwandan Genocide. People forget the German genocide of the Hereo people. They forget the genocide in Belgian Congo. They forget the genocide of the Hottentots in South Africa. They forget that the Muslim and European wars of conquest killed millions of Africans. They forget the Muslim jihads in Africa against non-Muslims killed millions.

  28. Were you the one saying how Africa is the most difficult place to live in the world? And had the reverse racist postings about how ‘fertile’ Africans are?

  29. What slavery? No colonial power in 19th century Africa had slavery instituted, there or at home. Period.

    You think that the depopulation of Africa via slavery was good for Africa.

    Ask the pre-colonial Africans who sold their fellow Africans into slavery for the answer to that one. Oh, but you’ll have to do that via seance as they all died hundreds of years ago.

    And that the wars of conquest of Africa were somehow good for Africa? Nothing negative come out of it?

    Clearly the NET benefit WAS positive compared to Africa today. And more wars of conquest and genocides happened AFTER colonialism ended in Africa. That’s a fact.

    Now maybe if they stashed all their money into Scrooge McDuck money bins…oh wait! For the hyperinflationary kleptocracies that followed in the post-colonial era, that might have actually been a good idea!

  30. Just a nutrition thing. You have to have good nutrition particularly when in the womb and also the first few years. The further you go inland when there is poor transportation, the further you get from adequate iodine which makes a huge difference. But other nutrients are also very important. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iodine_deficiency

    East Asians eat a lot of seafood. Sea weed in particular is very high in iodine. There is also good evidence that iodine early in life can reduce crime.

    The micronutrents like iodine we can get to these people. It is not very expensive, and can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

    Curing diseases obviously is also very important. Hookworm, for example, can make you really lethargic and operate at a very low level if you don’t get enough iron because the worm takes a lot of the iron giving you anemia. Between 350 million people are infected with hookworm in Africa: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookworm_infection#Epidemiology

    The US is vulnerable to iodine deficiency too. Iodized salt was introduced by a company…nothing to do with the government…and that made a massive difference. Unfortunately, bozos are buying the pink stuff now. No iodine in salt in processed food. Snobs just can’t imagine that the $1.50 iodized salt is better than the $7 pink stuff from Pakistan.

  31. Please do a little research on GDP growth of African countries. All African countries are not Zimbabwe. And do remember that the African countries population are still growing so GDP per capita may not look that good now but will get better as population growth start to decrease.

  32. So you believe slavery and colonial rule was a positive? You think that the depopulation of Africa via slavery was good for Africa. And that the wars of conquest of Africa were somehow good for Africa? Nothing negative come out of it?

  33. As a black Ethopian, I can attest that much of Africa did prosper after WWII under colonialism, mainly due to the stability and Infrustructure the British and other colonials created.

    Pre WWII, there were many terrible injustices, yes, but post WWII an awakening came upon much of Europe, and they poured millions into infrastructure in Africa while colonial forces created stability.

    Sadly, when the colonials left, Africans in many regions did not fight to maintain the infrastructure and stability left for them, and in fact, they tore down some of the best parts of what the Europeans left behind.

    For instance, Zimbabwe, which was formerly Rhodesia, was the fruit and bread basket if the world, but Mugabe tore it all down. The same is happening in South Africa right now. Ethiopia has prospered by building infrastructure and working with Developed nations.

    So, things are more Black snd White than you think, but the difference is where Blacks and whites work together as opposed to working apart.

    Seek the Higher Plane… ✝️


  34. The low IQ comment is clearly racist.
    Did you even look at the link of DrPat?
    It’s not just Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.
    I’m sure the ancient Kushites and Egyptians could have looked have
    looked at contemporary Europe and said they had no mega societies therefore had low IQ’s

  35. The average IQ of east asians is reported to be much higher than the average IQ of sub-saharan africans. There might be many who don’t fit in an information economy.

  36. yea I’m sure Russia/USSR going through 2 world wars played a part in that. The countries involved racked up tons of debt and faced loads of social upheaval. Not to mention the damage to Asian nations from the Sino-Japanese wars and WW2.

  37. That’s warfare, NOT “leadership”.
    What won’t do the trick in 21st century is 2st grader text comprehension.

  38. Really? South Africa was the riches country in Africa and look at it now Run totally almost to the ground after Mandela died.

  39. China is building all of this “new China Ethiopia” infrastructure. But not for free. When Ethiopia defaults on development loans China will take possession of collateral wealth. That is the part of the story being left out.

  40. Yes in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, that’s all I think. In Zimbabwe it happened very late, like around 1000 AD When big time gold mine and trade opened which created the perfect conditions. Ethiopia has as much non-Sub-Saharan African, affinities as Sub-Saharan.

  41. Centuries long cross Saharan trade and a common religion created an African culture between North and Sub Saharan Africa far more than with Europe

  42. Given this article about widespread economic growth throughout the continent, why would the HAART programs suddenly erode? Indeed, given that drugs are a classic case of something that technologically improves and plummets in price over time we can expect that the suppression of AIDS should be ever more effective while costing less in the future.

  43. Having world war 2 skirt the northern coastline and desert rather than drive straight through most of the major population centers couldn’t have hurt.

    After all, India wasn’t exactly bereft of European colonial rule, and the English were the best option available.

  44. Africa has a very little history of building mega societies, Africa never went out of Africa and let’s face it, by the measure of those who did and wouldn’t admit it their average IQ is only 75, all relative of course to what you measure so don’t expect Africa to move fast in building modern mega societies! The best route for Africa is to move straight from a tribal to a neo tribal society of social and economic units small enough to be participatory and egalitarian using our best technology including automatic drop irrigation and 3D printing of local raw material for a great degree of self sufficiency. Africa actually has a lot of wiring to lead the world in this better evolutionary direction.

  45. Makes sense … Ethiopia was a Greek colony in Ancient Greece…. that’s where the story of “clash of the titans” comes from believe it or not…. little bit wonder if they had some serious demographics changed since then…

  46. Oh those poor poor Africans who have received nothing but misery in return for the goods they sell to the world. No technology, no medicines, no food, no increase in life expectancy, no improvement in standard of living, no reduction in child mortality, no improvements in education standards, no reduction in war and famine….. It’s all so so unfair.

  47. Not having it’s resources raped away by imperialism would be nice.

    It’s interesting how this entire site is powered by imperialistic money and the almighty free lunch. Brian ‘earned’ it though.

  48. “Asia was at its worst in the early half of the 20th century with many wars and communist leadership in China.”

    There’s no history book that claims any “communist leadership in China” until the very end of that period. The wars of that period hardly affected any parts of Asia other than China until 1942.

    I strongly doubt that there are useful GDP/capita data to support the general claim fo the article. Curriencies were not free-floating much, and PP data is almost certainly unavailable.

  49. You leave out another important detail-
    Rampant HIV infection rates. Up to 25% in some nations and that is WITH Western subsidized HAART programs that reach up to 60% in some nations.
    When that erodes as well, HIV will spread like never before.

  50. Part of the reason why Rome collapsed apart from barbians was losing the grain colonies in Northern Africa nessessary to support the city… in short everybody had to leave and become farmers again because trade collapsed.

  51. North Africa and Subsaharan Africa are completely different places. North Africa is just a mediterranean culture which is more connected to southern europe or the middle east, than to subsaharan africa. Both culturally and ethnically.

  52. you don’t get wealth without good rule of law and strong public institutions (govt, police, health, education, infrastructure build and maintenance). Existing african cultures don’t appear to be able to build or maintain either – what was left from colonial era is gradually eroding to ruin and all they have left is paying chinese and western industry and govts to build the stuff they are no longer capable of doing themselves in return for money dug out of the ground (minerals). Combine that with a total inability to slow their rampant and ruinous population expansion (almost all of forecast population growth in world is African) and you have an inevitable path to vast scale warfare, famine and disease as pressure on resources grow. The future of Africa is incredibly bleak, and without very heavy handed intervention it’s probably unfixable.

  53. And ofc, the fastest growing economy in subsaharan Africa is Ethiopia, which has never been colonized and never had to deal with political instability from decolonization either.

  54. The ruinous effect of replacing the colonial governments by populist/socialist kleptocracies. Yeah, there were not many options back then, it was either the despised colonial power or the warlords that overthrew them, or that emerged after the chaos settled in.

    Now that most countries overthrew their aging dictators, they are again getting their act together and on the path of growth.

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