Trusting Zuckerberg and Facebook Is Like Chickens Trusting KFC

In 2010, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Privacy is Dead and for people to get over it. In 2010, Mark said if he were to create Facebook again then all user information would by default be public.

Mark Zuckerberg has recently wrote that Facebook will create a privacy-focused social network based upon Whatsapp.

Everything that Facebook has done is a business model generating tens of billions per year based upon selling user privacy to corporations for targeted advertising and access.

Facebook also has dozens to hundreds of engineers and staff working on a Brain Computer Interface to read peoples minds.

Facebook tracks users by accessing GPS data in your smartphone and by spying on your app usage and smartphone activity and internet activity.

It is obvious from everything that Zuckerberg and Facebook has done and said in the past and even everything they do and say today that they only give occasional lip service to privacy and user issues.

Zuckerberg could not get through one complete talk at Harvard to stay consistent about caring about user privacy. The second half of the talk indicated his excitement about using technology read user minds.

Trusting Facebook and Zuckerberg would be like chickens listening to Colonel Sanders talk about starting up KFC 2.0 which would protect chickens.

SOURCES- Facebook, Wired, NY Times

Written By Brian Wang