US Military Procurement at a Quarter Trillion in 2020

In 2020, the US military will spend nearly a quarter of trillion dollars to buy military weapons and hardware. The Navy will get the most at about $70 billion, then the air force at $57 billion.
SOURCES- DOD Budget Written by Brian Wang

13 thoughts on “US Military Procurement at a Quarter Trillion in 2020”

  1. Have you no imagination? Imagine dropping space marines from a SpaceX SS anywhere in the world within 60 minutes! Using NASA individual inflatable emergency re-entry shields, and you can conduct the ultimate in HALO drops without even re-entering the atmosphere.

  2. Zumwalt have been concelled too much problems to fix, not worthy of the billions spent on develloping this machine.

  3. this the price to pay to be the cop of the world, to maintain a the military industrial complexe thriving………….

  4. This is money well-spent because I refuse to live in a world dominated by the nefarious, lying, thieving, bullying dictatorship that is The People’s Republic of China.

  5. War is the greatest racket on earth and no society has ever been able to stop their ruling class from milking the majority in this manner.

  6. Buddy of mine have ongoing ‘quasi-contest’ about the space force anthem.

    She says, “StarBlazers!”
    I say, “Opening theme song to Gerry Anderson’s U.F.O. tv series”

    She might be winning this one…

  7. keep the hull as-is, finish the systems integration work, replace one or both AGS with VLS, and call it a cruiser.

    Oh, and at reasonable delivery rate, it wouldn’t cost that much more than A-B Block III.

  8. Cost is huge, but remember that the full cost of R&D +and+ industrial enablement is spread out across only 3 hulls, built in 2 different shipyards. Bath Iron Works (BIW) sank big money into shipyard upgrades, expecting a larger order book. On top of that, redesigning the third ship to save money probably ended up costing more to redesign than was actually saved.

    Most of the systems on the ship are brand-new – Mk51 VLS, upgraded Aegis, etc. No idea why those were all necessary for a ‘littoral gunship’ (other than the fact that the Navy didn’t care about either of those things and wanted a new cruiser without telling Congress).

    Put in an order at 1/yr at a +single+ shipyard with a guaranteed order book, and costs quickly come down and start to look competitive to A-B Block III. It’ll certainly be cheaper than the ‘clean-sheet’ cruiser design now getting underway…

  9. Beyond the Pentagon death spiral and no working guns, I haven’t heard of anything that I would consider a show-stopper or inherent to the platform. There’s still risk (e.g., IEP) but the obvious elements (tumblehome hull) don’t seem to be causing many issues.

  10. We need to start procuring Zumwalt’s on a regular schedule so that their cost comes down. Given their mix of stealthiness and upgradability to rail guns and laser weapons we should be looking to build more of them.

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