US, Russia, China and India Can Shoot Down Satellites

On March 27, 2019 India conducted Mission Shakti which was a successful anti-satellite missile test. In 2008, China had a successful anti-satellite missile test. It is like the European Space Agency, Japan and the UK have anti-satellite missile capability.

SOURCES- European Space Agency, Indian Times, Nikkei Asian Review

6 thoughts on “US, Russia, China and India Can Shoot Down Satellites”

  1. An add: the best anti-LEO Sat weapon is a X-37B with some extra fuel to move around and change orbits and a drill on its robotic arm. I wonder what a few little holes will do drilled in the right places on a sat? Avoid Kessler at all cost if yo want to pull this stunt.

  2. The caveat: They can shoot down only the LEO ones within about 600-1000km orbit, and its hard and obvious. They still cannot hit the GEO ones, or a GPS sat at 10,000+ in MEO. You know the ones that guide the missiles and everything. You need a F9 rocket or larger for that. Then there is the whole Kessler Syndrome thing.

  3. That is certainly one way to leave the best orbits with high speed debris from destroyed satellites & gravel pebbles that didn’t re-enter nor exited completely away from the gravity well.

  4. Satellites will be among the first casualties if there is another world war. My personal favorite ASW (anti-satellite weapon) is a handful of obsolete IRBMs loaded with gravel.

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