USA Will Recognize Israeli Control of Golan Heights and Its Military High Ground

The United States will recognize Israeli control of the Golan Height. President Trump announced his intent to recognize Israeli control. This could increase the chances for Israeli President Netanyahu to win an election in three weeks. The Golan Heights was part of Syria and is area of about 1,800 square kilometers (690 sq mi). Since the 1967 Six-day War, the western two-thirds of the Golan Heights has been occupied and administered by Israel, whereas the eastern third had remained under control of the Syrian Arab Republic. It is a rocky plateau with an average elevation of 1,000 meters. Mount Hermon has a height of 2,800 meters over the surrounding area. The Golan is the high ground and military tactical advantage. If Israel did not have the Golan then Iran could use Syria to place missiles on the Golan to threaten all of Israel.
SOURCES – Washington Examiner, Wikipedia Written By Brian Wang.

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  1. Proof, please, that particularly jews more than other people were profiting from monopolies in 20s in Germany? It’s not just of one things that you “know”, is it?

  2. Every theological conflict is the fault of every religious person and every religion collectively. Time, distance, history .. makes no difference. Got it.

  3. So if a part of the USA, say, one square mile, votes to leave the USA, it would be morally just to invade this part and anex it? I think it is a wee bit more complicated than that…

  4. The jews in the USA have performed spectacularly in school even when they were poor. Yes, the first jews in the USA had to be simple peddlers with carts, often traveling to mining communities to deliver supplies by hand. Listen to the book “Black rednecks and white liberals”. Remember that there were quotas *against* jews in ivy leage schools even when they were (statistically speaking) sleeping four in a room..

    So, it’s not a question about money, it’s a question about culture, and in the case of the jews, perhaps (additionally) of genes. The middle east people could do as well as europeans – statistically speaking – but they don’t, even when they migrate to Europe (huge lag in achievement and SAT scores, even in math) which is a testament to the fact that culture matters. Contrast this with south east immigrants arriving in poverty, who now dominate USA science due to – drum roll – their culture.

    Hat of for jews and hat of for south east asians!

  5. I don’t really understand why having the Golan heights is of strategic advantage in terms of missile attacks. Could someone explain?

    Missiles fly in arcs, and the only difference when launching from Syria instead of the Golan heights is the slightly larger distance (about 15 km). So what? Why isn’t it just as effective to launch missiles from the border of syria-to-Golan heights at Israel as launching them from inside of the Golan heights..?

  6. How did V2s kill thousands of Irishman when Ireland was neutral in the war and no V2 ever was dropped on Ireland?

    You are the one who needs to learn history.

  7. Hey Luca,
    You should work on your English comprehension skills.
    You might not feel personally attacked as often as you feel, if you merely understood English better…

  8. This action will no doubt please the evangelical Christian hordes who will see this as bringing the Middle East one step closer to the End Times. Anything to rile up the locals and cause strife. How did these idiots get so much influence in foreign affairs?

  9. But remember:

    Slaves! Built the Pyramids. 
    Slaves! Built the Parthenon. 
    Slaves! Built America. 
    Slaves! This is your song.
    Thank you slaves! 
    This is your song 
    Thank you slaves!

    Good old WonderShowzen

  10. When mentioning theft of land and exploitation of others, maybe you should focus on the irrational and “partially wrong” hate of all Brits, Americans, Australians or the Spanish. You should throw in the Russians and the Chinese as well. I’m probably missing a lot more, but I’m sure you get the point.
    The things that make people hate Jews are their audacity to succeed despite the odds and the hate directed at them, and them being a soft, usually non-violent target (that ended for Israelis after the Holocaust and the first Arab-Israeli war).
    So when you’re being understanding of Hitler, you should take into account that he chose the Jews because they were an easy, affluent target, whose wealth could be easily taken and exploited.

  11. That’d be a laugh.

    Israel becoming a big oil producer can only help accelerate the decline of Saudi/Russian/Iran power and make the world a safer place.

  12. I’ll concede that the Russians “giving up the Crimea” consisted of transferring administration of one area they controlled, from one government administrative area they controlled, to another government area they controlled.

    At the time it was just reshuffling paperwork. They had no intention of losing control of the Ukraine, so changing which particular group of loyal government bureaucrats looked after the roads and ports in this peninsula was just a matter of convenience.

    Of course, at the same time they were purging the crimea of the local population and moving in lots of ethnic Russians. As wikipedia puts it:

    Almost immediately after the retaking of Crimea from Axis forces, in May 1944, the USSR State Defense Committee ordered the removal of all of the Tatar population from Crimea, including the families of Crimean Tatars serving in the Soviet Army – in trains and boxcars to Central Asia, 

    But to many people it’s OK doing that sort of thing providing you aren’t “right wing”.

  13. this is amazingly hard to communicate and get facts/logic across . . . no, it’s not the Jews, Muslims, and Christians fault, it’s the theologans fault.

  14. Damn right! You forgot about the plane that hit the Pentagon and nothing was left of it – NOT EVEN A SPLINTER! The result of the official US investigation? – The impact was so strong that the whole plane EVAPORATED! LOL ^____^

  15. And they were lending money to poor germans for horrendous interest and when the poor germans couldn’t pay back they took all they cloud from them. Not saying this excuses what Hitler did. Just saying that this story has two sides.

  16. Refrigerating the jeans (and the rest of the clothes) works fine. I don’t know what he’s on about.

    When I was living without airconditioning in Northern Australia and looking for a job having the clothes in the fridge was what let me get out of a cold shower, dress, and make it to an airconditioned car without sweating. (The car had AC)
    That meant I could turn up to a job interview looking and smelling fresh.

  17. So a conflict between Jews and Muslims so it’s …. the Christian’s fault.

    As evidence, point to a wacko environmentalist from a quarter century ago.

  18. And did you ask the crymeans what they want? There was a referendum as far as I know and Crymea had a long and massive separationist/reunificationst (with Russia) movement there. In the end 80% of crymeans are russians. Crymea wasn’t taken from the Ukraine but from the USA and that’s what it’s all about. Duh.

  19. Those tribes weren’t scattered all. Too numerous. Assyrians (just like the Babylonians after them) had no use for peasantry — only for the elites and the craftsmen. Here:

    In particular:

    6 So the posts went with the letters from the king and his princes throughout all Israel and Judah, and according to the commandment of the king, saying: ‘Ye children of Israel, turn back unto the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, that He may return to the REMNANT that are escaped of you out of the hand of the kings of Assyria.

    The word “remnant” (יֵּשֶׁב) means is much more general here than the conventional modern usage, and doesn’t imply “minority” or “small”

  20. scientist von Braun, with his ground breaking research that incidentally contributed to the death of thousands of thouands of his fellow Irish countrymen

    von Braun was German, not Irish. If you were referring to Goatguy’s ancestry, I am still confused as Ireland wasn’t even in WW2.

  21. First off, it was a major league mistake not to include Golan Heights when Israel was first laid out.

    That’s how the Brits roll. They LOVE carving out nations with non-sensical borders on purpose. It is how we got most of the Middle East national border lines, not just Israel’s. And then there is India and Pakistan…

    He is probably trying to promote more activism on the site with controversial news.

    Brian engaging in click baiting? I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED! 🙂

  22.  Israeli President Netanyahu

    Uhmmmm…he’s Prime Minister, not President. And to think that an a$$hole American such as myself had to point this out to Brian the Canadian by way of Saskatchewan….

    …can’t wait to see Brian accidentally refer to a Canadian premier as ‘governor’ in the future. His corruption from living so long in the USA would then be complete. 🙂

  23. I am certainly not saying chess accomplishments outweigh actual scientific accomplishments. Just saying that there can be no doubt about deserving honors earned in tournaments. And if anything, that adds weight to the Nobel prizes being appropriately awarded.

  24. We can pretend Trump is brave to do this, but the reality is that we are pumping enough oil that the Arabs can no longer use that as a tool to prevent us from doing things like this…by using threats to cut off oil. I think all the recent Presidents except Obama would have done this, if they were President today.

  25. I don’t suppose those neighbors of Israel ever tried to violate that law and wipe them off the face of the Earth. You can’t get all richous when you did your darnedest to do the same thing only with a little genocide thrown in.

  26. You mean I did not accept your irrational and abusive comparison.

    Where are the 3,000 innocent dead skilled productive adults at that hands of Israel as they took this barren rock?

  27. There’s deep irony in suggesting such: the pogroms BY “the master race” were against the mostly-successful Jews. And gays, and the mentally compromised, and so forth.

  28. DAMN. LOL!

    I suppose, though, when you have the Mad ***king Hatter (i.e. Hitler) in power deciding who the dumb ones are… we should consider that Hitler, for all his madness, was quite intelligent… meaning he killed all the smart ones. You don’t kill the dumb ones. That serves no purpose.

    But that’s not what happened. It was indiscriminate. Because Hitler and his posse were dicks. Straight up.

    Though, I suppose– and this circumvents all arguments about what’s right or wrong/inhumane– if someone doesn’t like you, taking the high ground and getting your friends to help you play King of the Hill actually is necessary. O.o Someone point to a strategy game where the high ground isn’t useful. Unless it’s Starcraft. That doesn’t count, because zergling rush. ^_~

  29. I remember when the US and NATO all guaranteed Ukrain soverinity
    if they would give up their nuclear weapons.


  30. I am actually more impressed by their chess accomplishments, because awards can be very political. But in chess, its is only winning that counts and that is a battle devoid of politics and favor.

    I believe what has been achieved has been because of training. The Jewish community by necessity had to come together and help one another to survive when laws forbade them from holding many occupations in Europe for centuries. They had to learn more difficult skills, or they just would not be able to afford a family. Lots of good reasoning skills were trained in religious/Hebrew schools after regular school. And those who were successful in occupations also helped the younger people learn those skills.

    It generally takes many thousands of hours of training to reach Grand Master level in chess. That is true in some fields but not all. Farming, mining, sailing, and fishing don’t require nearly as much as jewelry making, banking, or medical professions. Some of that time is often given freely. If you have a culture where those who are good at things do not freely share that information with the next generation, out of fear of creating their own competition, or they just feel no obligation, you are going to have a disadvantage. Skills are lost, rather than accruing in the group. Yes, the Germans too had many apprentices. But I think they held back more. And they did not have the reasoning training you get from analyzing the Talmud (law mostly) with experts.

  31. First off, it was a major league mistake not to include Golan Heights when Israel was first laid out.
    Israel is indefensible without it. That means something when a country is surrounded by enemies (as the surrounding countries later proved themselves to be when they made a sneak attack, four on one).
    But, even for around twenty years before that, Syria fired artillery all over the north parts of Israel. Artillery shells alone can reach tens of miles and Israel is not large. The people were forced to live on a live artillery range. Try to actually think about that rather than just waving a hand in the air.
    Then Syria attacked (and not even alone) and lost. A responsible UN, one really dedicated to world peace, would have just corrected the mistake at that time. Seriously, would you allow people to fire artillery at your home on a random basis just to hold what a few ivory tower types are calling “the moral high ground” instead of the real high ground?
    Blame the UN, blame Syria, blame religion, but don’t blame people that were being shelled and don’t want to be shelled anymore.
    All of that said, no, this is not “science-focused news that covers disruptive technologies and trends.” Brian has driven off the NBF road completely with this one and it is just about as far outside his charter as reporting on the annual Easter egg hunt at the children’s park in my town would be. He is probably trying to promote more activism on the site with controversial news.

  32. This is just a political move, geared towards propping Netanyahu up in the upcoming elections. Israel’s control of the Golan is really only insured by its military superiority. Nothing else to it.

  33. This statements are usually qualified by pointing to the fact that the Germans killed all the dumb ones. Not my words.

  34. This move doesn’t make much sense. Syria will never accept that the heights are not Syrian. While the land is in dispute, Israel has a sort of bargaining chip that it might give the land to Syria if it behaves itself with a guarantee of some sort (Just like what happened with the sinai peninsular and Egypt). If everyone but Syria recognises the land as Israel, Syria is left with nothing to lose and Israel with nothing to trade but war.

  35. That’s a bit “master race”-esque for my liking. I’d say it’s more likely that the rich, US-installed nation in the middle of the impoverished nations is more likely to send its citizens abroad for study. Historically, moreso than India and China, who have only started doing so en masse over the last 20 years give or take.

  36. It’s much worse to annex land you’re being attacked from, than to annex land you just want to add to your own country? I didn’t realize that.

  37. In my opinion that was just a crime since they were not acting as part of any official government, and it should have been treated as such. And that is not 20/20 hindsight. I said it at the time. We could have built thousands of those buildings with the money we squandered over this.

    Increase security to prevent future events like this? Sure. Though, I think even that was excessive.

    Israelis taking a barren rock whose only value is strategic for placing weapons to hurt them. Yeah, definite 9/11 stuff. Your ability to draw an analogy that makes sense is wanting.

  38. I don’t think Israel has the moral high ground to lay claim to the golan heights, but i do understand its vital strategic millitary importance, its not something that you would give back easily, especially if you are surrounded by angry neighbours, besides israel has a clear millitary advantage with their nuclear force so there is less incentive to negotiate, which is why american politicians are pushed to go after the perceived nuclear ambitions of Iran that would really upset the balance of power.

    I dont know how far Iran REALLY is with their nuclear program, we have been hearing scary stories and even fake news about Iran “having nukes within 5 years” since the mid nineties, 25 years now, all i know that the fear is real even producing unlikely bedfellows like israel with saudi arabia and amerca and europe having supported highly questionable terrorist groups like Al Nusra in the beginning of the Syrian civil war.

  39. Where is the strawman?

    The fact of the matter is that there were no German territories after WWII. That isn’t; a strawman because I never claimed you posted that. It, however, is a fact. Breslau and other areas were annexed to Poland after the war at the insistence of Stalin. Who also was occupying said areas. That too isn’t a strawman. Just a fact.

    Do you even know what a strrawman argument is?

    Remember the first law of holes. You really need to stop digging.

    And I need to remember that trols got to troll. And feeding them is a waste of electrons.

  40. Not only a troll, but a gaslighting troll.

    Have a nice life. Mine is way too short for this.

    You sure did a nice monologue on the Golan Heights to have not mentioned it.

    Just to pick one.

  41. ‘Manasseh, Gad and Reuben tribes lived in the Golan’
    Weren’t those tribes scattered into Mesopotamia by Tiglath-Pileser III ? So going by descent, the Golan should probably belong to various scattered Iraqis. If you’re going by the ‘ modern right of conquest ‘, the land of Israel has been conquered by everyone bar China since neolithic times, so ‘ the right of Israel to exist as a state ‘ should have the rider, ‘ till somebody else conquers it.’ Incidentally, I worked in a kibbutz right under the Golan Heights in the seventies, not long after Israel took them. The kibbutz had been subjected to occasional shelling from the hills above, yet when they took over some of the land there to run cows, the man who’d been in charge of the cattle resigned his post, rather than work stolen land. The Druze still lived on the Heights, but the Arabs had fled, and their villages had been dynamited. Anywhere else you’d call it ‘ ethnic cleansing.’

  42. Notice, Brian Wang will post this type of stuff, but he won’t fight irrationality(religion). He won’t use take a rational scientific approach to religon, and neither will Bill Joy, the unabomber, Christine Peterson, Chris Phoenix, Ray Kurzweil.

    They’ll complain about abuse of A.I. and nanotechnology, but then complain that the future will be scientific(Bill Joy and the Unabomber, and the foresight institute surrenders their souls to this twisted logic).

    They recoil at any rational scientific stance to religion, such as

    just as Christians ignore looking at themselves in the mirror and believe they are the perfect creations from a perfect god(most of them are ugly), and have this bullshit logic of “i’m an original sinner, so I pray to jesus to forgive my sins.” Basically, believe in Jesus, and get a free get out of jail card.

  43. <<…was partitioned out to the various powers. Most of whom restored their portions back to the reconstituted Germany save the USSR.>>

    Yet another strawman argument.

    I was giving as an example German territories that were German prior to WWII (both before and after WWI) and now belong to other countries. (i.e., to this day)
    e.g., What was once Breslau is now Wrocław.
    I never mentioned its territory’s division among powers.

  44. Out of everything that can be posted that isn’t science, Brian Wang feels the need to post this. He doesn’t seem to recognize, and neither do Netanyahu much less Trump, whom his followers excuse him by saying “god put him there” . . . that religion is the problem in the middle east. If the people’s of the world recognized this, maybe we wouldn’t have these problems.

    Let’s not post about the freedom from religion showing Christianity is trying to get rid of evolution, and spread their messianic end of the world religon(something else Brian and most scientists don’t understand) –

    On the Iranian side, and this is just the latest,

    Fight irrationality, or stop posting and complaining about everything from politics –

  45. Amazing how you keep accusing others of what you do…

    Accusing me of not reading your post, while as your proof, you say: “I didn’t mention the Golan Heights at all. Much less its status. Since you used that as your basis for claiming…
    Well guess what, neither did I; not even once.
    Neither did i use it as a basis of any claim.

    While Godwin’s Law could be when someone uses a Reductio ad Hitlerium, they are not the same.

    I did call you out on your attempt at a subtle comparison of Israel’s actions in Gaza to Genocide.
    << Which is why I don’t condone what Israel has done in Gaza or the West Bank. Genocide is nasty business and cannot be justified in a modern world. >>
    I used only direct (copypaste) quotes of you.

    But I started my first criticism of you by calling your behavior a case of “The pot calling the kettle black“.
    I guess I should have known better than to try and have a logical debate with someone like that.
    {But I let GoatGuy‘s << Don’t use the -1 to disagree. Instead, (since this dumb blog engine doesn’t display negative votes), reply with a negative response. >> convince me otherwise.}

    I’ll let the readers decide for themselves…

  46. WW1 did not devastate the German homeland – it was mostly fought on French and Belgian soil, in the west, in Poland and the Russian dominions in the east, and in Italy and the Balkans. And although all sides and empires bear some responsibility for the start of the war, Wilhelm II was definitely the keenest for it, and his attitudes to non-Germans were were proto-Nazi. He ordered German troops involved in the taking of Beijing during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion to ‘ behave like Huns! ‘ – which they did; and the genocide of the Herero in South West Africa was a precursor to that of the Jews.
    Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote that victory in war usually led to long term disaster for the victor, and defeat to periods of peace and prosperity. Germany as a nation was only founded in 1870, simultaneously with the crushing defeat of France, and the siege of Paris, and those memories were still fresh on either side of the Rhine. Two defeats in a generation have made modern Germans a lot nicer than some of their grandfathers were.

  47. Well this was Expected!

    Recently several prominent American Officials and Jews who are responsible for our Syrian/Lybian/Iraqi war interference have been speculating in Oil in the Golan Heights now that they have destabilized the area.

    A foolish venture, said most, as the land belongs to Syria. Syria is not the poor pathetic Palestinians. With Russia behind them, Syria well may want to recover their land.

    Unless the USA, after announcing it is pulling back, happens to announce that it is just “giving” the land to our buddies, Israel.

    While the main board is all composed of Israeli jews, its “Strategic Board” is composed of:

    Dick Cheney (former vice president of the United States),
    Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp),
    James Woolsey (former CIA director)
    Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury)
    Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary
    Michael Steinhardt,
    Jacob Rothschild,
    Mary Landrieu, former United States Senator from Louisiana (Where all the USA’s refining capability is located.)

  48. Yes, I got that wrong and acknowledged it. It pains me to have contributed to the mis-information that way too many are throwing around here.

    Which brings me to your post.

    No, the world is sometimes ok with it. Germany was pretty harshly punished at the end of WWII. To the point it ceased to exist as an actual country and was partitioned out to the various powers. Most of whom restored their portions back to the reconstituted Germany save the USSR. The world wasn’t actually ok with that, but the alternative would have been war. So they just grumbled about it.

    You should take your own advice about using bogus facts to win the argument. It really makes you look like some of the lesser posters here.

  49. Sigh.

    If you are going to troll, you need to try harder.

    For one, actually reading the post you are commenting on and when you quote, actually responding to the quote is a start.

    In what you quoted, I didn’t mention the Golan Heights at all. Much less its status. Since you used that as your basis for claiming I was posting anti-Semitic propaganda, well your reading comprehension skills are questionable.

    And the rest of your post, well…

    The only logical fallacies here are all in your court.

    So the blind zealot of the racist kind would be you, I suppose. I am reluctant to make that charge, though. Why attribute to malice when stupidity is sufficient?

    In your zeal to prove me wrong, all you managed to prove is that you are an idiot.

    Reductio ad Hitlerium? Must have missed that one in logic class. Sounds like someone trying to use an impressive way to say “Godwin’s Law”. If so, you used it wrong and reinforces the impression you are an idiot.

  50. << …the industrialized countries decided at the end of WWII that wars of conquest killed too many people and were bad for business. So it is a war crime now. >>

    They decided that before WWII (1929).
    Also, when the side that started the war looses and as a result looses land, then the world is often OK with it.
    (e.g., your example of WWII. Germany indeed lost land it owned prior to WWII.)

    Stop using bogus facts to try and win the argument…

  51. what is wrong with cheap bastards of fashion industry… ceo of Levi’s instructing people never to wash their clothes especially jeans.. errrr…. is this guy for real? Have they really stoop to this low level to make jeans unwashable??? Because they need to save money on manufacturing cost????? The solution… errr…. don’t wash your jeans ever!! F-big morons… somebody … please fire these people…

  52. << Well James, seems like you are the only one posting propaganda. >>

    The pot calling the kettle black…

    << I do not in any way, shape or form condone what happened to them or advocate another Final Solution.

    Which is why I don’t condone what Israel has done in Gaza or the West Bank. Genocide is nasty business and cannot be justified in a modern world. >>

    Your disagreement with Israeli government actions isn’t antisemitic,
    But what you just said (in the quote) is indeed antisemitic propaganda.

    Israel has been entirely out of Gaza (with the exception of a few short and limited campaigns after it was bombarded by rockets) for years.
    The Gazan population is by no means diminishing, nor are there any plans by Israel to do so.

    You use a Weak Analogy and make an absurd Reductio ad Hitlerum.
    People who use these logical fallacies tend to be blind zealots of the racist kind…

  53. Yes, even the USSR acknowledged the treaty rules, even if they argued exceptions and special cases.

    China is a big exception there, with Tibet.

  54. Netanyahu is the prime minister, not the president. The good new for Israel is that Syria is not in full control of its territory anymore anyway so getting back the Golan Height is down the list for Syria.

  55. NOT my quote (Wikipedia), but worth remembering…

    Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 900 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews, although the Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world’s population.

    That’s 100 to 1 odds (actually somewhat more). The reason there is so much resentment for the Jewish microcosm in the Middle East is that the statistics are even worse, when tallied up by region. 

    The WHOLE of the middle east had produced 12 Nobel Prize winners. The list:

    Aziz Sancar — DNA repair, 2015
    Ahmed Zewail — femtosecond analysis of chemical reactions, 1999
    Mohammed Abdus Salaam – Unified weak theory, 1979
    Ormed Pahuak — Literature, 2006
    Naguib Mahfouz – Literature, 1988 (my personal favorite Arab author…)
    Malala Yousefzai — Peace, 2014, for kids and mothers in 3rd world
    Tawakel Jarmen – Peace, 2011, for nonviolent struggle for Women’s rights
    Mohammed Yunis – Peace, 2006, for economic development of 3rd world microbiz
    Mohammed El Baradei – Peace, 2005, anti-nuclear-proliferation
    Shirin Ebidi – Peace, 2003, women, kids, opportunity, anti-repression
    Yasser Arafat – Peace, 1994, for fûqueing up ME peace, endlessly. A travesty.
    Anwar al-Sadat, Peace, 1978… PEACE between EGYPT and ISRAEL. Biggest evaH.

    By comparison, 187 Jewish mensches won a prize or two. Having less than 1% of the middle east population. Odd, that. 

    Just saying,
    GoatGuy ✓

  56. To be honest, I don’t remember the 1929 treaty. But it is pretty clear that it was the framework that the post-WWII era built on.

    Except for the Soviets. And even they used the pretense of “free and fair” elections. Which aren’t considered to be legitimate while you are occupying a country, but…

  57. The big BIG difference is that Egypt, after having lost a profoundly large amount of land, stewed in its loser-juices for a decade, then agreed with President Carter to ACCEPT a trade-back of those lands for an eternal and unconditional peace with their Victor. 

    That’s what made the differenc.e
    The lands taken from Syria, won by the Rules of War…
    Weren’t enough to trade back for a lasting peace. 
    They though of the Golan merely as a burr in their saddle.


  58. No.

    Hitler’s “hatred for the Jews” was derived from his psychotic notion that they were the source of three despicable things in German (then, 1920s) culture. 

     • endless financial servitude to WW1’s victors
     • majority ownership of almost every urban city’s primary businesses
     • insular, familial, totemic allowance of favored deals outside Goyem.

    WW1 paved the path to healing in Germany with some pretty bitter and usurious flagstones. Unlike essentially every war that had preceded it (especially in Europe), the WW1 settlement called for Germany to be endlessly taxed, tariffed, and surcharged for its repayment of reparations for the damages done to Greater Europe as the Vanquished enemy. Never mind that the European (outside Germany) damage to German territories, houses, homesteads, towns, village, and the rest was profound. And without reparations. And without balance. 

    It was this rather appalling asymmetry of reparations that fueled Hitler’s finding an easy thread of agreement with the majority of German people. Because Germans (as my whole family has repeatedly cited) are a PROUD people. To be shackled and encumbered caused them to accept an outrageous alternative to the outrageous penance they were required to pay, without a vote that mattered. 

    Just saying.
    i ain’t no right-winger, by any stretch.
    But we really ought to study history in order to understand it. 


  59. SECOND one …
    Don’t use the -1 to disagree. Instead, (since this dumb blog engine doesn’t display negative votes), reply with a negative response.

  60. Have you talked to any Jews? Most do support the concept of Israel as a country. Probably all, I haven’t done an exhaustive survey. But a majority have strong misgivings about how the Occupied Territories are handled. That doesn’t enhance the security of Israel. Not to mention it has made things really expensive for the US. The Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s was a direct result of our support of Israel. And then there was a whole flock of terrorist attacks, culminating in 9/11 that was because of that. We essentially kicked the Soviet Union out of the Middle East and bribed some pretty nasty dictatorships to leave Israel alone. You’d think they would have been willing to conform to international law as thanks, but nooo….

    This goes way beyond a few decisions by the government.

  61. I only know because I recently read an essay that argued that this treaty, usually regarded as useless, is actually a fundamental basis of the long peace since WW2.

    WW2 involved heaps of countries invading other countries (citation needed), but after the firing stopped everyone west of the iron curtain went back to the original (or near original) borders. Because ownership of conquered land was just no longer “theirs” under law.

  62. It would not be difficult to win elections if everyone agreed with everything the current government is doing.

    How is that anything?

    I think Jews in general support Israel. They certainly want there to be a physical land of Israel, and are concerned with its wellbeing.

    Particular actions they may “Monday quarterback”. That is what happens in democracies, where everyone is not brainwashed to trust leadership blindly.

  63. It is an anomaly because the industrialized countries decided at the end of WWII that wars of conquest killed too many people and were bad for business. So it is a war crime now.

    Which isn’t to say that borders cannot change. Just look at Czechoslovakia that peacefully decided to split. But doing it by force of arms is generally discouraged.

  64. Not according to Israel. They claim about 23 million world-wide with a right of return. The Jewish population of Israel is under 7 million. So unless you have a new mathematical system…

    Um, we just can’t giving land back to peoples that used to occupy areas thousands of years ago. Where do you draw the line? Pretty much every ethnic group has moved around and settled in different areas, displacing still other groups like a deadly form of musical chairs.

    And there is no right of modern conquest. It, in fact, is a violation of international law.

  65. Those who start wars win their share as well. Not a simple justice thing.

    Of course, if they win, they generally like to say the other guy provoked it in some way.

    My response is just a generality, nothing to do this this particular situation.

  66. Well James, seems like you are the only one posting propaganda.

    Personally, not a fan of anti-Semites or propagandists of any stripe. I have know plenty of people who had numbers tattooed on their arms. I do not in any way, shape or form condone what happened to them or advocate another Final Solution.

    For anyone.


    Which is why I don’t condone what Israel has done in Gaza or the West Bank. Genocide is nasty business and cannot be justified in a modern world.

  67. We exist in interesting times, the technological capabilities of individuals are rapidly increasing on every front. Some capabilities should never be subject to the personal choices of a few individuals, but you can never put the progress genie back in the bottle. 

    If I were around then, I would would be very surprised if life existed in that land in 100 years. I wish them all luck.

  68. This. Syria attacked Israel and lost. I am NOT a fan of nations starting wars, losing, and suffering no consequences. It incentivizes warfare because the loser doesn’t suffer long term consequences.

    For the same reason Spain can’t have Gibraltar back and Argentina can’t have the Falklands back.

    Edit: Egypt also lost and lost territory. The difference between Egypt and Syria is that Egypt developed a peaceful relationship with Israel.

  69. AT least half of Jews live in Israel today.
    Also, by both right of modern conquest and historic (Manasseh, Gad and Reuben tribes lived in the Golan), the land belongs to the Jews

  70. So what’s the problem with Russian annexation of Crimea? It has been Russian for much longer than 52 years. And Russia ‘won’ it from Ukraine fair and square, spilling far less blood (none) than Israel when it took Goran heights.

  71. Don’t conflate the Jews in general with Israel. While Israel may be Jewish, the majority of Jews don’t live there. And American Jews in general do not support a lot of the Israeli government’s policies.

    Despite the attempts by the Right in the US to claim differently, you can oppose the actions of the Israeli government and not be anti-Semitic. The two are separate issues.

  72. It was Syria who tried to destroy Israel and used the Golan heights to attack Israel .
    Just read what happened before the six days war. So now Israel use this land for it’s purposes. plus if you didn’t know there were an equal sized land that Syria stole from the Jews (a land that purchased by baron Rothschild for the Jews in Syria) .
    but why i waste my time you are probably just some retard red neck or jealous Arab.

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