Verizon Launches 5G Phone

Verizon is launching 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis and then they will follow with 30 more US cities. The Verizon 5G will only be available in a few parts of those first cities. Service will start April 11, 2019. The 5G service will be $10 per month on top of a regular unlimited data plan.

Verizon has opened up pre-orders for the 5G Moto Mod. The Moto Mod is an add-on for the Moto Z3 smartphone. The Moto Z3 and Moto Mod combination will turn it into the world’s first 5G phone. The 5G Moto Mod will cost $350.

The Samsung Galaxy 10 5G will be available soon.

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Written by Isaac Wang, Nextbigfuture

13 thoughts on “Verizon Launches 5G Phone”

  1. He entered the third ring of hell when he announced that he was closing all his brick and mortar stores and then found out that he doesn’t have lease cancellation clauses in the contracts. Total clown show.

    Shorter Elon: “We are closing all our stores even the hard to find ones!”

    Me: “Why did you put the stores there in the first place if the location is so bad?”

  2. I had a tentative plan when I was younger to undercut professional colo & cloud fees for running my own hosting infrastructure that involved renting dirt cheap apartments in zones where you could get 100Mbit ethernet hookups for real cheap. This almost makes me want to do it again. The cost of 3 apartments (a triple redundant infrastructure) and 5G blows AWS and colo out of the water for dozens of boxes.

  3. 5G will of course spread like a wildfire, but I won’t be an early adopter. 4G LTE is plenty fast for my phone needs, and at home, I use a cable modem, which is unlimited & very fast.

    I’m sure eventually everything will just have 5G in it, and you pay 1 5G payment per month, and all of your devices will be covered, like: phone, TV, tablet, fridge, oven, thermostat, etc, but I’ll be waiting a few years before I take the “everything connected” plunge.

  4. I anticipate 5G competition with DSL and cable internet service to be the real disruptive effect of 5G in the USA; not so much the mobile phone data speed boost.

  5. Nothing really, it’s true. However it does double spectral efficiency, which should cut data prices for late adopters.

  6. Don’t worry, it will be “unlimited”. After all, their bandwidth is large enough for all subscribers to utilize max throughput 24/7.

    That’s 150million subscribers x 50mbps(peak), less than .001% of their capacity.

  7. I’m curious to see how many people get regular 5G service considering the frequency increase. If you aren’t getting a perfect 4G signal I bet you won’t be getting 5G. I also wonder how long the unlimited plans last. Over 50Mbps and I’d ditch cable for a cell module in an enclosure on the roof. Back in the day Verizon gave out unlimited 4G plans then stopped offering them. I knew a guy at work that was grandfathered on one and used it for watching HD Tivo from his house even in hotel rooms.

  8. so what if you can stream HDTV to your phone… Verizon will still charge you $1000 a day to do that…

  9. 5G? Why? What requires 5G?

    LTE was a useful upgrade over 3G but who needs this bandwidth in a phone?

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