Would Antiaging Mean More Dictators?

By 2040-2050 there could be effective antiaging treatments that could enable people to live 30 years longer than they do today. One of the concerns that people have is that this will enable dictators for life to dominate their countries for a longer time.

Very few of the longest-ruling dictators since 1900 have ended their lives while still ruling their country and dying from disease or old age.

The main dictators who lived to over 80 and died while they were still the leader of their country are:
Fidel Castro (90)
Kim Il-Sung (82)
Chiang Kai-shek (88)
Mao Zedong (82)
There are also some rulers of some Africa countries like Cameroon, Gabon and Iran.

Castro and Kim Il-Sung passed leadership to relatives. Mao left leadership of China to the communist party. Mao’s four closest associates were deposed. Chiang Kai-shek ruling party retained control of Taiwan for about 20 years after the death of Chiang.

If a leader is strong enough to maintain control throughout his life, then it seems that their ruling party or clan can maintain control for generations afterwards.

The duration of the systems and authoritarian rule in Iran and the African countries is also not dependent upon the the lifespan of the leaders. It is the durability of the systems and ruling elite who determine the duration.

SOURCES- Wikipedia

Written By Brian Wang