Carnival of Space 605

The Carnival of Space 605 is up at Cosmoquest. Universe Today – LIGO Just Got a Big Upgrade, Will Begin Searching for Gravitational Waves Again on April 1st. About a year ago, LIGO’s two facilities were taken offline so its detectors could undergo a series of hardware upgrades. With these upgrades now complete, LIGO recently announced that the observatory will be going back online on April 1st. At that point, its scientists are expecting that its increased sensitivity will allow for “almost daily” detections to take place. Universe Today – The Incredible Challenge of Landing Heavy Payloads On Mars. Nextbigfuture – Near Gigapixel Imaging of Exoplanets from the Gravity Lens Regions.
Einstein Ring of an exoplanet viewed at a gravitional lensing point

SOURCES – Universe Today, Youtube

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  1. This is a great next step but just wait until they put technology on some satellites with some distance between them for really long base lines. That is what I would call REAL sensitivity.

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