Falcon Heavy or New Glenn for New Moon Plans

John Shilling surveyed the payload capabilities of the SpaceX Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Vulcan and the New Glenn rocket at Space Access 2019. The Falcon Heavy has the capabilities for Moon missions but a New Glenn with a third stage would be able to deliver more payload.

There have been no test launches of the New Glenn the Vulcan.

The Falcon Heavy would need to operate in direct launch instead of reusable mode for initial moon missions to deliver good payload for initial bases.

John described how we could make a reusable lunar lander, orbital tugs and cis-lunar tugs.

John’s analysis concludes the best plan is to set up a base on the moon and produce and distribute fuel and water from the moon.

Analysis shows that low lunar orbit is not useful.

Lunar fuel, lunar base, cis-lunar base and low earth orbit can enable us to have five times the capability to move and deliver in space.

The Lunar gateway would need to have fuel storage capability and should probably be located at L2.

SOURCE – Live coverage of John Shillings presentation of Earth Orbit and Deep Space Payload Capabilities of Current and Near Term Launchers.
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com