IBM May 4 Hackathon to Address California Wildfires

Call for Code, a worldwide, multi-year initiative that inspires developers to solve pressing global problems with sustainable software solutions. You may even have participated in the 2018 Global Challenge. Over 100,000 developers from 156 nations competed in the previous Call for Code 2018 Global Challenge. They built over 2,500 applications with IBM Cloud technology to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

IBM is inviting all interested developers in the Bay Area and beyond to join on Saturday, May 4 for the Call for Code Hackathon – California Wildfires. Will you answer the call?

In recognition of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 4, IBM and 42 Silicon Valley are teaming up to host a one-day hackathon to inspire developers, engineers, designers, and emergency responders to create solutions around Natural Disaster Preparedness and Relief during wildfires with a focus on community health and well-being. As a Call for Code satellite event, the hackathon provides a chance for you to dedicate time to brainstorm, plan, and start building your submission for the Global Challenge, which closes on July 29. Projects built at the hackathon will be judged at the end of the day for a local grand prize.

Here’s what the day will look like (with more details coming soon):
08:00am: Registration/check-in begins
09:00am: Event opening ceremony
09:45am: Hacking starts!
01:00pm: Lunch with speaker(s)
03:30pm: Project judging
05:00pm: Top 5 teams present projects
05:30pm: Closing ceremony/awards/pictures
06:00pm: Event ends
The hackathon will be held on the 42 Silicon Valley campus in Fremont, California. Register today to reserve your spot:

If you are part of a team, be sure to have your team name available at the time you register.

You’ll also want to join the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge: You’ll receive your IBM Cloud account and become part of the Call for Code 2019 Community, where you can learn the technology hands-on and find experts to help you build your application.

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