Israel SpaceIL Has Funding for Second Moon Landing Attempt

Morris Kahn, the primary sponsor of SpaceIL’s Beresheet spacecraft, announced on Saturday evening the funding of a second Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet 2.0. A new group of donors will fund a second Israeli attempt to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon. The first craft was able to orbit the moon, but then control was lost just 150 meters from the surface and it crashed.

8 thoughts on “Israel SpaceIL Has Funding for Second Moon Landing Attempt”

  1. Considering they would have built an engineering model and possibly a second flight model beforehand, this time around should be cheaper just due to existing parts.

  2. survived three failures, and that is a rarity.. Luckily the third failure got really close to succeeding.

  3. “If at first you don’t succeed try try again.”
    I assume that means they get two more tries.

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