Near-term Quantum Computers Have Serious Challenges

Nextbigfuture was excessively optimistic on quantum computer achieving a smooth takeoff based upon announcements in 2018 with the 72 qubit Google bristlecone, IonQ’s trapped ion breakthrough and a flurry of other advancements in quantum computers from Intel and IBM.

A more recent discussion with a quantum computer practitioner indicates that there are still significant technical challenges for each of the quantum computer implementations.

A paper presented by Google at a recent conference indicates that the 72 qubit Google system did not perform and operate as expected. This means not only will there not be a rapid step up to the next 144 qubit system but Google is working on new designs at less than 72 qubits.

Trapped Ion also has significant technical issues to overcome.

There is still a lot of science to sort out before predictable and reliable scaling can be achieved.