Notre Dame Was Rebuilt After the French Revolution and Will Be Rebuilt Again

The spire of Notre Dam was previously destroyed around 1789 during the French revolution. Notre Dam was rebuilt in the 1840s and that rebuilding included a new spire.

The good news is that Notre Dam was rebuilt before and it will be rebuilt after yesterdays fire.

Last year, Notre Dam had trouble raising the 60 million euros needed for maintenance. Now, they will have already been given hundreds of millions of euros for a reconstruction.

Firefighters were able to save the main cathedral, the stain glass windows and the relics. The spire and a lot of the roof was lost.

Ultra-precise Laser Scans Will Help Reconstruction

There are numerous high-resolution photographs and laser scans of Notre Dam. Art historian Andrew Tallon made laser scan accurate to within five millimeters.

Digital Scans were also made for the video game Assassin’s Creed.

SOURCES – France in Focus, Assassin’s Creed, National Geographic
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. “Notre Dame” “Notre Dame” “Notre Dame” “Notre Dame” “Notre Dame”
    Read the image captions.

  2. Il etait question de l’impetus requis pour obliger une correction de la negligence, par familiarite, du patrimoine culturel. Question a laquelle on repond par non sequitur qu’il est plutot question de “hobby” et que c’est pas donne a tout le monde de s’y attarder; grosso modo.

    Si t’es pas sur place y a probablement pas de base legitime pour juger ce qui est neglige ou pas, ni ce qui vaut la peine ou pas, ni qui se prete a contribuer ou pas, ni qui devrait ou pas se le faire imposer.

    Ce qui est quand meme non sequitur.

  3. Perhaps you should do the same.
    Just a case of poor reading comprehension, the lack of concern for Notre Dame wasn’t a question of free time but one of priorities.

  4. Where do you think the bulk of the projected cost(5-8billion) to repair that old house of magic will come from? With all the problems France is experiencing, you cant be surprise if some question if this is proper use of their tax dollars.

  5. Yawn! Nothing I said that you are responding to was anything like how you are mischaracterizing it as such. Your poor reading comprehension skills do not serve you well…yet you don’t realize it.

  6. Why do I come here when the result is always Right Wingers diminishing my faith in humanity?

    “PARIS — A criminal terrorist investigation has been opened in Paris following the discovery of a car parked near Notre Dame Cathedral with seven gas canisters and pages written in Arabic inside, prosecutors said.

    The Paris prosecutor’s office revealed Wednesday that a couple it described as radicalized – a 34-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman – was arrested a day earlier and transferred to Paris to be questioned in the case.
    The car found near the famous cathedral on Sunday morning had its license plates removed and hazard lights on. That evening, its owner went to the police to report that his radicalized daughter was missing but without saying his car had also disappeared, the prosecutor’s office said.”
    Cultural enrichment at its finest.

  8. You’re correct: pre-Lockerbie. I did see the disco in Berlin that was bombed by the Libyans. Reagan bombed Libya in response and Gadaffi threatened American tourists going abroad.

  9. Translation: This site doesn’t censor viewpoints you don’t like as much as the other ‘science’ and ‘technology’ sites.

    Also, nothing you just said disputes what I had said. Doesn’t even address it at all. All you are doing is having some hissy fit about not having a ‘safe place’ where you won’t be triggered.

    Feeling all ‘superior’ to those Deplorables that took Shrillary’s Entitlement Election away from her, too?

  10. Why do you insist upon having some fantasy right to a ‘safe place’ where reality won’t bother you?

  11. Your timeline is backwards. Lockerbie (Pan Am 103) was in 1988, after the 1986 Raid on Libya by F111Fs from RAF Lakenheath (OK a few Navy birds helped out too…); which was in response to several bombings in Europe of American-visited locations (discotheque, etc) by terrorists trained and equipped by Khadafy. I selected and managed the preparation of the aircraft from RAF Lakenheath.

  12. I thought the Cathedral was pretty good myself. But not up to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Which to be fair was made with MUCH more advanced tech.

    I was however very disappointed at how the interior was still relatively stripped bare by the looting that France has subject its churches to since the 1790s.

  13. But France isn’t “everybody”. Neither are the commentariate on NBF. France is a rich first world nation that can and should worry about just such things, and we are first world people who should also be concerned.

    I’m not blaming some Upper Voltan farmer for no caring.

  14. French could care less these days. And if there are those that do, it won’t matter because soon all the cathedrals will be forced to become mosques when the Eurabian Caliphate takes over the EU.

    We should have let Vichy France alone. The French deserved it.

  15. First and last time I saw it was in 1986 and it was covered in scaffolding. Then again, most castles and cathedrals were because of the Lockerbie bombing and Reagan’s response scared most tourists to stay home. I was in Europe as an exchange student (West Berlin).

    I yawned. It wasn’t nearly as impressive as the one in Cologne, Germany, I thought.

  16. Just how long does it take a normal human brain to “indulge” in merely considering what’s worth protecting and what’s not? 1min, 1 hour, 1 day?

    Get real…

  17. Great. Las time I visited was more than a decade ago and I still recall it vividly. The Nôtre Dame cathedral is a cultural reference for all French people, and part of the world’s cultural heritage.

    It’s a pity that often such tragedies are required to awake people from apathy and slumber about their cultural legacy.

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