Ridesharing Lunar Lander

Orbit Beyond is a cislunar transportation company that will provide global customers with reliable, repeated and affordable services to the lunar surface. They want to provide a ridesharing lunar lander.

They will have a spacecraft with a 50-kilogram payload capacity ready to fly to the Moon in 2020.

Beyond 2020, they will have a next generation 1000 kg payload capacity lander.

They will charge $1.5 million per kilogram to the moon.

On November 29, 2018, OrbitBeyond was awarded a Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) contract by NASA, which makes it eligible to bid on delivering science and technology payloads to the Moon for NASA.

OrbitBeyond has engaged TeamIndus for lander engineering, Honeybee Robotics for payload integration, Advanced Space for mission management, Ceres Robotics for surface operations, and Apollo Fusion for future programs requiring electric propulsion system.

SOURCES – Orbit Beyond, Live coverage of presentation at Space Access 2019
Written By Brian Wang. Nextbigfuture.com