Rising Asian Military Spending

World’s military arsenals are expected to double in size by 2030, compared to 2016.

By 2030, the countries with top defense spending are expected to be:
USA with over 1 trillion (had $611 billion in 2016),
China with $736 billion (had 215 billion in 2016), and
India with $213 billion (had 56 billion in 2016)

China, with $228 billion military expenditure in 2017 is the world’s second largest spender, with its share representing 13% of world’s total, compared to 5.8% a decade ago.

By 2020, Asia-Pacific military spending will be about the same as North America. North America will be for 33% of global defense spending down from about 50% in 2016.

By 2045, India’s defence expenditure might reach $654 billion, about the same as all European Union countries combined.


Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

7 thoughts on “Rising Asian Military Spending”

  1. “I guess you’ve never heard of ‘deterrence value’ then.”

    Or the ol boy scout motto to be prepared.

  2. People don’t build machines of death unless they intend to use them.

    I guess you’ve never heard of ‘deterrence value’ then.

    Otherwise, we would have used our nukes a long, long time ago.

  3. And most of the US military power will be freed from the shackles of NATO and other defense pact obligations to be deployed in a manner it currently can not be because of those obligations.

    The old Cold War ‘order’ is going bye-bye, kiddies! Better beef up your navies to protect your maritime shipping, too! (Because we won’t be providing such global protection ‘service’ for ‘free’ much longer)

  4. Funny how a traditional opponent superpower militarizing islands in your territories makes countries nervous and forces them to increase military spending.

  5. People don’t build machines of death unless they intend to use them. I wonder if there is a correlation of expense for death machines and GDP going back over the ages? That may give an insight to the beginning of the end. We always destroy the things we want to protect and we never learn…..

  6. Turns out the world without American Imperialism! looks a lot like a world getting ready for war because the adults said they didn’t want to play.

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